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Summer Solstice at Navajo Street Art District, a project of Colorado Lawyers for the Arts, and the West 38th Avenue Merchants


Statement of Purpose: Colorado Lawyers for the Arts (“CoLA”) is a nonprofit organization founded in 1979 and is the only organization in Colorado devoted to promoting the success of the arts community in Colorado by coordinating pro bono legal services. In addition, CoLA offers a variety of educational programs that address relevant legal issues for artists and arts organizations.


Address: 950 17th St., Suite 1600
Phone Number: 720-272-0961
Email Address:
Web Site:


Number of Employees: 1
Full Time Volunteers: N/A
Part-Time Volunteers: 200+


Major Fund-raisers: Annual Art Auction


Director(s): Josh Harrison, Julie Walker, Robb Stenman, Meg Satrom, Katie Facchinello, Jonathan Beall, Nikki Patterick, Dmitri Adloff
Key Personnel: Don Knox, Josh Keltner


Founded: 1979
Community Served: Colorado arts community
Associated Guilds: VLA


Ongoing Projects: Educational programs for artists and arts organizations about legal rights.




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October 18, 2004 COLA Celebrates 25 Years