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Statement of Purpose: Women With A Cause is dedicated to providing economic development programs for women. These programs are designed to provide education and skills training which will enable women to be lifted out of poverty and lead them to self-sufficiency while earning a sustainable income. We are women helping women help themselves.


Address: 1620 Little Raven Street, Suite 602
Phone Number: 303-675-0405
Fax: 303-675-0406
Email Address: womenwithacause@me.com
Web Site: www.womenwithacause.com


Number of Employees: 2
Full Time Volunteers: 1
Part-Time Volunteers: 5


Major Fund-raisers: International Women's Day Celebration, Denver's Live Makeover show: Beauty & Brawn


Key Personnel: Susan Kiely, Founder Amanda Amoroso, Director of Operations


Community Served: Women


Ongoing Projects: Teaching Sewing to women in India and health care education for homeless mothers




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