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"Colorado Kids 1st" License Plate Set

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$30 each setThe Colorado Kids 1st License Plate is an initiative designed to raise money and awareness for health promotion and injury prevention activities for children in Colorado.Your donation will entitle you to receive a certificate that allows you to obtain the plate at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) in your county. Please have the title & registration for the vehicle(s) you are purchasing plates for as you will need this for the order form.NOTE: License plates are also available for motorcycles.HOW IT WORKS: Starting July 1, 2008, when you make your donation online, you can receive your eligibility certificate INSTANTLY via e-mail. The Department of Motor Vehicles will now accept eligibility certificates you print on your own!To obtain your plates, you will need to present the certificate to your local county DMV office. Your local county DMV office will assess a $50.00 one-time fee in addition to other registration fees. All fees are due at the time of registration. We will not be sending the license plates directly to you.Please contact RMRPI at e-mail: info@RMRPI.org or phone: 303-330-5099 with any questions.If you wish to purchase a PERSONALIZED license plate, please contact RMRPI.NOTE: Personalized plates do not have the handprint logo.