Blacktie Membership Benefits

Top Reasons to Join

Effortless Online RSVP's

  • Have the ability to sell tickets to your fundraising events online.
  • Be able to take credit card payments or e-checks online, with the ability to add information about people who send you checks.
  • Have an automatic central database of all attendees, regardless of how they paid.
  • Have to ability to automatically create Excel spreadsheets, name tags and check in list.

Allow Simple Online Donations

  • If your website will not enable e-commerce, simply put a "hyperlink" to your site on your Blacktie profile.
  • Here, people can use credit cards or electronic checks to give you money.

Silent Auction Benefits

  • Enter items into Blacktie and have the ability to create an Excel "master list" along with bid sheets, bid numbers, closing times and incremental bid ranges.
  • Be able to take online bids and pre-promote your auction.
  • Have the capability to make a starting bid the night of your event.
  • OR, simply just have an online auction!

Make Communicating Easier

  • Our e-mail blast allows you to send one message simultaneously to multiple recipients.
  • Use our E-Newsletter creation tools to create a colorful invite (with links to purchase or donate) or newsletter.

Easily Print Nametags

  • Blacktie allows you to print pre-formatted Avery labels (5390, 5392, 5395 and 8164).
  • Our nametags automatically pull the appropriate information, allowing you to quickly and easily upload your logo with the option of printing bid numbers and table numbers.
  • Want a different label? Just let us know and Blacktie will make it ready for you.

Efficiently Seat People

  • With a database driven seating chart, have the ability to assign table numbers, create master lists by last name, table number or company name, assign bid numbers and print nametags accordingly.
  • Want to move a guest? Be able to just click on a scissor icon and move them to the holding bay.

Professionally Extend Your Message

  • If you join Blacktie, we will send a photographer/reporter to your event.
  • There, we'll take at least 30 color, digital photos and post them on our website within 48-72 hours.
  • Easily recognize your sponsors, donors and volunteers PLUS put your message in front of a whole new audience.

Trade with other Blacktie Members

  • Put your unsold auction items or donated items that you cannot use in the trading post for other Blacktie members across the United States to see, buy or trade.

Correspond Privately

  • Set up a communication area for volunteer or marketing committees to post agendas, minutes, forms, job descriptions and much more. Blacktie gives you the ability to create as many categories as you need and allows you to assign your own username and password for this area.
  • Set up an internal task calendar with responsibilities, agendas and email reminders. You enter the days in advance you want a reminder set and Blacktie does the rest.

Create an Online Store

  • Does your organization sell items as fundraisers? Have the ability to sell these items online as a part of your Blacktie membership.