Have You Met?

A day might not go by where fun-loving power couple, Adrienne and Jack Fitzgibbons, aren’t attending a charitable event or high-powered meeting of some kind.  

Adrienne and Jack are also savoring the good life and enjoying their family and friends to the fullest.  Married in 2004, both Adrienne and Jack are passionate about being involved and giving back to their community.  

Adrienne had a great role model; her mother, the late and legendary Florence Ruston, who was know as the Grande Matriarch of Denver Society and one of the city’s biggest philanthropists.  Jack, in addition to being a respected lawyer, is a former Retired Air Force Colonel and Judge Advocate and did a Legal Internship with the United States Department of Justice.

When asked what they like most about each other, Adrienne said:  “Jack is honest, intelligent and is able to help me think through problems.”  Jack said about his wife: “Adrienne is even-tempered and usually in a very good mood.  She is intelligent and loves to have fun!”

Just happy to be around friends, children, grandchildren and the community;  as we wrapped up our interview, the high-spirited Fitzgibbons’ were on their way to a Super Bowl party.  What a perfect example of a couple “being present” and still having the time of their lives!

Where did the two of you get married, and what was the day like?   April 10, 2004 at the Denver Country Club.  Adrienne: The day was marvelous, even though it was snowing and the cocktail party had to be indoors.  We got engaged in Brussels, Belgium in the Grand Platz.  Because the ground was “cobblestoned”, Jack didn't kneel.  At our wedding dinner, in front of all our friends, he knelt and asked me, again, to marry him.  It was the most romantic moment of my life. 

When you first met, what was the first thing you noticed about each other?
: We met on a blind date through mutual friends.  I thought he was such a smart man and a gentleman opening all the doors for me.  We actually talked for hours.
Jack:  She was cute and intelligent.  She asked me a lot of questions, and we talked until the restaurant closed and didn't realize it. 
You are known as one of the most respected and charitable couples in town; what non-profits are you involved with at this time - boards you are serving on - or have served on, etc.?  To name a few: American Heart Association; Arapahoe House Boards, Friends of Arapahoe House; Children's Diabetes Association; AWARE Board;  Fine Arts Association(currently not on board); DCPA & Denver Center Alliance; Kempe Foundation; Western Fantasy; Beacon Center; Bessie's Hope; The ICON’S; Hospice Mask Project; VOA; Adoption Exchange; Inter-Faith Community Services - and more.  
What charitable events do you look forward to attending each year?  We try to attend the Arapahoe House events,  Heart Ball,  DCPA's events such as Saturday Night Alive, The Diabetes Brass Ring Luncheon, Western Fantasy, and other events that help those less fortunate. 
As a couple, what's your first priority?   Each Other.
What do you have most in common?   Traveling and having new adventures together and being honest with each other.
They say sometimes opposites attract; what is the most different thing about the two of you?   Jack is politically conservative, Adrienne not so much.
Where do both of you like to go for a romantic dinner - in Colorado? 
Our first date was at the California Cafe in Park Meadows.  That's where we like to go for a quiet dinner.
What is your favorite vacation spot – and why?  Playa Del Carman, Mexico.  The beach is so beautiful.  We love the sights, food - and the friendly people.
What do you plan on doing for Valentine's Day this year?  Jack:  We are celebrating a week later because Adrienne is babysitting grandchildren in Connecticut that weekend.  We'll have a quiet dinner date when she returns - at a surprise restaurant!
Tell us about a great family tradition in your household - maybe around the holidays?  Every year we send a unique holiday card from our latest travels.
What one word describes your life right now?  Fulfilling.
What are you most looking forward to in the future? Having more time to travel.
How do both of you want to be remembered by future generations?  As kind and giving.