Have You Met?

The Host of the nationally syndicated morning magazine radio show "Daybreak" and the radio show "Good News" (stories of hope and inspiration), and former TV news & weather anchor (in both Colorado & California), Angie Austin, didn't have an easy childhood.  She endured losing a brother to murder, another brother to drugs and a life on the streets, and a father to alcoholism.  (After 30 years, Angie has reunited with her father which is a blessing to her, and their relationship is going well.) 

Angie who grew up in low-income housing around violence, drugs, and alcohol abuse was determined to get a good education and worked 7 days a week at Boulder Community Hospital while going to college at CU.  Angie got herself through school with money in the bank and all of her student loans paid off because of her hard work.  She was determined to make a life for herself and not be a victim of her childhood.  She continued to work 7 days a week in the TV industry and became very successful.    

Angie knows there is pain and hurt in the world, and says: "When you experience hardship, it can break you, or you work hard to find a way out.  If you get a second change at life - you better make a difference!"  Angie encourages others to recognize the good things in their life and be grateful for what they have.  "When you are grateful, you will be happier, and that's when magical things begin to happen in your life!"

When not on the air or working at a charitable event, Angie is with her husband and 3 children.  Her own experiences gave her a foundation to lean on in difficult times; and believing in forgiveness, integrity, honesty, and having family ties is what she didn’t have as a child.   It's important that her family has all of that and is rich in love.  They spend time together without a lot of tv or computer time - and more time going on family walks, playing ball, working out, doing homework, and participating in the school swim team.  

 Angie has such a refreshing spirit that will pull you into her goodness.  It did me!  Our local shining star, Angie Austin, has made a mark for herself by bringing the good out in people and giving them hope. 

Here's a good way to wrap up the wonders of Angie Austin with what others have said about her:  "Her energy & enthusiasm can lift any audience!"  "Angie provides one of the most sincere, heartwarming & encouraging talks."  Angie has a quality that's not teachable - authenticity with an ability to truly connect with an audience." 

What’s the secret to staying calm & not being nervous while on the air or tv?  Everyone has a gift, mine is I love to communicate with people and make them laugh and offer them encouragement.  I love it, and like to make people feel at ease like they are at my home having a cup of coffee…  It’s my job to make them at ease.

When not on the air, what is your life like?  I play with my kids everyday... We ride scooters, take family walks, tell knock, knock jokes at the dinner table, we are an old-fashioned family that plays together!   Kids are part of my ministry, and I want my kids to get all the love I didn’t get.  We are rich in love, and we are very encouraging to our children.  My gift is encouragement.

So many changes in our country, What are your thoughts about the future of traditional religious beliefs?  My faith is the foundation of my life, and all I can do is live it out as best I can, and let people know how much peace and healing it's given me... so I live and lead by example.  I'm not a bible thumper, but believe in forgiveness and believe that it is the key to living a good life.  

What nonprofits do you support?  Right now I’m involved with Arc Thrift Stores, the Family Volunteer Program with VOA, Haven House, Rescue Mission, & Precious Child - among others.   

How long did you emcee Western Fantasy for VOA?   Two Years.  I have been emceeing at charitable events for 15 years.

Do you miss being on TV?   No not really… I miss the people who watched me who say they miss me.  I miss being part of their everyday routine.   Radio is more fulfilling.  I am able to share good news stories that offer more hope than the bad news that I used to share on television.  I want to offer people a “radio hug” and let them know they have a friend.

Who do you consider a mentor?   My executive producer at NBC when I worked in California, Wendy Harris, really poured time and love into me; and I’m still friends with her.  When it comes to how to treat people and live a life of service & kindness, it's Arlene Johnson.  My 4 aunts who were survivors, and Aunt Eileen became like a second mom to me; they are survivors who never complained and worked their tails off with such a positive attitude.  Eileen says: "It’s in your genes - it’s genetic."   

What is your most treasured possession – other than family?  My brother who was murdered... I found a bible that he had written in, and it gave me a good sense of peace that reassured me he was in a better place, and the bible was held together by packing tape.  For all the problems he had, he ultimately was a man of faith.  In his room, he had the teddy bear soap dish I’d made for him in grade school.  My great-grandmother, Angel, owned a tea room in Greeley, and she was a hard-working woman; and when we went to sprinkle my brother's ashes (the same place where my grandfather's ashes were sprinkled) behind our old family cabin near Estes Park, I found my great-grandmother's old tearoom sign leaning up against the cabin.  I just felt like the appearance of that sign was such a special symbol of hope and comfort... coming from the woman I was named after.   She was such a strong matriarch.

You are raising fabulous children, what is the best advice you can give parents?  I think I have 3 things to tell you regarding raising children.  I give them 3 very important things: love, love and love...  I probably tell them I love them about 15 times a day!  I have the gift of encouragement, so I give them an overdose of encouragement at home.  I think the world discourages children enough, so it is probably much needed.  We have fun together.  My children also know that our family is rich in love, not possessions.  We have a lot of experiences & memories rather than things.  We are all about faith, family, and being kind to others.  Raising children who care about others is very important to me.  I must admit, I had no idea how much I would love being a mom! 

What would you like to help eradicate in your lifetime?  What we were talking about… people need to treat other people with kindness.  If we were just kind to each other it would solve so many problems.  If we didn’t walk around thinking what’s in it for me and being so self-centered, but who could I be kind to today, the world would very simply be a better place with no more hate.

What is a favorite saying, model or motto?  My favorite professional model is very simple: Work hard, smile, work hard, smile work hard, smile... 

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment besides your children?  My greatest accomplishment?  I’m very proud my two nephews admire me...  When my sister-in-law asked my 17 year old nephew who he admired most in the world and who he wanted to be like, he said: Auntie Angie.  That means so much to me.  Also last year at Christmas… my cousin told me I was the most forgiving person she had ever met.  That also makes me very proud.  One of my colleagues at NBC... she ran into me recently, 20 years after we worked together, and she said she’d never known anyone who worked harder than I did to succeed. 

One of my friends from high school said the same thing.  I worked seven days a week through high school and college every night and every weekend.  And one of my high school girlfriends said she couldn’t believe how hard I could work and still get straight A’s in school.  That made me very proud!

Overcoming my background also makes me feel a sense of accomplishment… My children are growing up in a completely different environment than I did.

What do you want people to know about you?   I want them to know that I wake up every day, and I hope that I am of service to someone.  I hope that I brighten someone’s day on the radio.  And I hope when people listen to my show, they feel a sense of hope.

How excited are you about the next 10 years?   In 10 years, my children will be 16, 18, and 20.  That kind of freaks me out!  In 10 years, I want to still be happily married with 3 happy and healthy kids.  All of the grandparents are alive right now, and wouldn’t it be a blessing it they were still alive in 10 years!  The grandparents add so much to the lives of my children and my family.  We appreciate them all so much now.

How do you want to be remembered?  I hope I am remembered as someone who was: kind to others, made people laugh, didn’t take myself too seriously, always treated people as equals, didn’t hold a grudge, was great at forgiving, a good friend, mom, wife, and daughter. I hope I’m remembered as someone who tried to walk out their faith every day… I don’t just want to save it for church on Sunday’s, I want to put my faith in action on a daily basis. And wouldn’t it be wonderful to be remembered that way!