Have You Met?

Since meeting 45 years ago, Anne and Ralph Klomp have crafted a beautifully woven life’s tapestry together.  They are very happy with the path they have followed, and Anne says:  “We have so much to be grateful for, and we never want to forget that.”

The Klomp’s are valued community leaders and the well-known owners of Trice Jewelers. Their caring and generosity is equally acknowledged in Denver – and beyond. Ralph and Anne are involved in humanitarian work in Africa, and often travel to Mozambique and several other African countries working on projects that help eliminate diseases and provide safe drinking water.  Things many take for granted living in the United States.

Anne and Ralph know they have been blessed, and they just beam when they talk about their wonderful children and grandchildren.

At last year’s Beacon Center “Cherish the Children” event, they were awarded the “Golden Cherub Award;” and I loved what Ralph (quoting his father) had to say during the acceptance speech: “If you died too rich, then maybe you lived too poor..."

Solid-gold Anne and Ralph appear to be a great example to all of a couple who are highly in tune with each other with a forever enduring tie.  This pairing was meant to be.

When it comes to people with big hearts, we couldn’t have picked a better couple to salute and honor as this year’s Valentine’s Day couple.  Anne and Ralph, we thank you for being an example to so many of what true giving, leadership and philanthropy are all about. 

Where did the two of you get married, and what was the day like? We were married in Salt Lake City in the Mormon Temple there.  Day was a beautiful January 5th winter day 41 years ago.  Anne, of course, was a child bride. Ralph was much older at 23.

When you first met, what was the first thing you noticed about each other?Ralph: The first thing I noticed about Anne was her fantastic brown eyes - and that she was dating my best friend!  Anne: Ralph was the life of the party, but not my type.

You are absolutely known as one of the most respected and charitable couples in town; what non-profits are you involved with at this time?  Denver Center for the Performing Arts (DCPA) – we are chairing this year’s “Saturday Night Alive,” Beacon Center, Colorado Symphony Orchestra, National Sports Center for the Disabled (NSCD), Boy Scouts of America, and Clean Water projects - Mozambique, Africa   

What charitable events do you look forward to attending each year?Saturday Night Alive,  Cherish the Children, Western Fantasy, Wells Fargo Cup, Pillars of the Community, Boy Scouts of America Sporting Clays event.

As a couple, what's your first priority?   To our Family.  Each other, our children, our Grandchildren, our Faith. 

What main quality (or qualities) do you admire in each other?  Anne: Ralph has an incredible mind; he possesses the ability to reach out to people, to be able to communicate on such a broad scope.  It is his unselfishness that has taught me to be charitable, and his kindness that endears him to so many people.   Ralph: Anne is "low in maintenance and high in adventure!”  She can crawl and walk through the Jungles of Africa or be the most beautiful elegant gal at the ball.   No one can laugh like Anne.    She is the kindest person I know and makes our home the place I want to be.  

What do you have most in common?   Today, Enjoying our Grandchildren. 

They say sometimes opposites attract; what is the most different thing about the two of you?    Ralph is 100% extrovert   Anne is 100% introvert.   This probably balances us out to where we are tolerable to our friends.

Where do both of you like to go for a romantic dinner - in Colorado? . The first "fancy" restaurant  went to when we arrived in Denver almost 40 years ago was the Broker in downtown Denver,  We thought we were Big Time at this elegant place.  Today we still love the memories and food there.

What is your favorite vacation spot – and why?  Africa, We love being with the people there and the adventure of the Safari.   Very difficult to get us on the phone there.

What do you plan on doing for Valentine's Day this year?  We plan on spending the weekend at our home in Fraser.  Cozy nights by the fire, a little skiing and just enjoying the quiet.

In your opinion, what does it take to get to that special place known as "wedded bliss"?   Learning to be unselfish with each other.  If an argument starts to arise, go immediately to surrender!   Make sure the other person is having as much fun as you are.

Maintaining a degree of respect and a lot of spirituality in your relationship that is re-kindled daily.

Tell us about a great Klomp family tradition?  We have the annual Fourth of July Family Reunion.  Family from everywhere come to Fraser Colorado for fishing, games,  ATV riding, eating and just hanging out together.  

What are you most looking forward to in the future?  Working on humanitarian projects in underdeveloped nations, especially Africa.   Being involved and amazed with our grandchildren as they grow up. 

How do both of you want to be remembered by future generations?  The oldest living sane couple in the world!