Have You Met?

Why are Arlene and Don Johnson always smiling? Because they like each other's company? Draw strength from each other? Are excited about their future together? Answer: All of the Above….

Arlene and Don, who were married in December of 2005, are savoring a life that a few years ago may have seemed like a dream. Although they were former neighbors, they didn’t really see each other often. Time went by, Arlene divorced, and Don’s wife Kathy passed away leaving him a widower. Arlene and Don ran into each other again, sparks flew, and the rest is history as they say.

When you see Mr. & Mrs. Johnson together, they are so full of affection and admiration for each other, you’d think they were a couple of young love birds. Before marrying each other, Arlene Mohler, “The 1989 Villager Woman of the Year,” and Don Johnson, a long-time Colorado resident & prominent businessman, were considered two of the biggest contributors to the Denver philanthropic community in their own right. Now they have blended their charitable interests – and their families - and are making even more of an impact as a team.

Both Arlene and Don were the recipients of the prestigious Arapahoe House “2006 Pillars of the Community Award” at the annual fundraising gala put on in March of this year by the “Friends of Arapahoe House,” to benefit the Arapahoe House - “the non-profit organization dedicated to providing an array of accessible, affordable and effective services for individuals and families with alcohol, drug and other behavioral health problems.”

At the gala, Arlene proudly remarked that her new husband was truly “a pillar of the community.” Arlene went on to say: “We both have achieved and accomplished because of all the community support we get.”

Arlene & Don Johnson are loved by all who know them. They are a warm, big-hearted couple who are full of love and tenderness for each other, their families, and the community they are so committed to.

In addition to being a couple that we can all look up to and admire for all they have done to make a difference in the lives of others, Arlene and Don plan on “smelling the roses” together each and every single day.

What one word would describe your life right now? Loving.

What is your favorite vacation spot together? Sorrento.

Where have you always wanted to go, but have yet to visit? Tahiti.

What do you wish you could have a never ending supply of? Heart Beats.

What charitable organizations are you both involved with? Colorado Neurological Institute (CNI),American Heart Association, Children’s Diabetes, Arapahoe House, St. John’s Hospice, Kempe Children’s Foundation, Colorado Ballet, DCPA.

In a world filled with so many causes, how can people best decide which ones to support? Pick the ones that you feel are most effective.

What is a treasured memory for both of you? The first opportunity we had to get to know one another.

What are you most proud of about each other? Our caring personalities.

How can we get young people to get more involved in volunteering and charitable giving? By being a good example.

There is a big gap between the wealthy and the poor in our country, what can we do to help those who don’t seem to have much hope for their future? Provide opportunities for a good education so that they can achieve and have some hope.

How do you guys complement each other? We have a compatible value system.

What’s a typical day for the both of you? Wake up, have breakfast, participate in our ongoing charitable involvements.

What is your favorite place in your house? The kitchen.

What are your favorite TV shows? CNN, Fox News, CNBC.

What magazine or publication couldn’t you live without? Denver Post, Rocky Mountain News, The Villager.

If your house were up for sale and a prospective buyer did a walk-through, what would your home tell them about you? Arlene likes pink & peach.

What is your advice for a happy marriage? Have a good sense of humor and a short memory.

If there were a movie about your life being made, and you get to pick who will play the both of you, who would you pick? Arlene: Barbara Eden. Don: Glenn Ford.

You both have done so much for the community; what is something both of you would still like to do? Promote early childhood education.

What else is in the future for Arlene & Don Johnson? Family gatherings with sons, daughter-in-laws, and our 10 grandchildren.

How would you like to be remembered by future generations? Arlene: “She was always mindful of the needs of others.” Don: “He did no harm.”