Have You Met?

It's hard not to notice the stunning Barbara Brooks.  The statuesque brainy beauty calls herself a "fashionista" and the stylish way she puts herself together makes her hard to ignore.  And then why would you?  Besides the obvious, she is a wonderful person with a caring loving heart that adds even more to her astute business sense.  Barbara is the owner of her own company, Brooks Marketing Group.  

Being the role model she is, Barbara has opened up about the bullying she experienced when she was a young girl. The marketing guru had to deal with bullying during her adolescent years and faced cruel remarks over being so tall. Today, Barbara works with nonprofit organizations such as “Friends First” and helps to offer classroom instruction  for middle  school students on youth development, self esteem, and creating healthy relationships.     

Several of Barbara’s clients and colleagues have sung her praises by endorsing her capabilities with comments like: “She has a wonderful work ethic, keen attention to detail, uses diplomacy, great follow-through and organizational abilities, comes to the table with tons of creative ideas, dedicated to helping her clients succeed - and Barbara is just all around impressive."

Barbara says: "I'm here to provide the right strategy for the right program or moment in time for my clients."  With her boundless energy and contagious enthusiasm, she’s strong enough to blaze a trail for others to follow for years to come.  Bursting with personality, professionalism, and a sense of pride in her work, this is truly the moment for Mz. Barbara B. to "strut her stuff!"                                                                            

Barbara, what’s going on in your very full life right now?  Give us a rundown.
We’re  working on several projects:  The “Belmar Pop Shops” where we seek e-tailers and  small boutiques to sell their goods all under one roof at Belmar -  we’re handling the retail leasing and PR for the program; we’re working with the Southlands Shopping Center marketing director on their “Back to School” and Holiday programs”; and we’re building out the marketing strategy and implementation of  Guardian Urgent Care centers;  and Ziva Chocolates, a Denver-based truffle company, on a “kick-starter” campaign which is a web-based program to help them raise money through crowd funding,  and lastly, we’re working on the marketing and PR for the Denver Triathlon, Five Star Limo, FUSEdenver, and  Monkey Business,  a 12-location place for kids to play on oversized inflatables, jungle gym-like equipment, slides, and more. Six of their locations are in Colorado. 

You were born in France – Tell us about that?  Yes.  My parents are originally from Houston, and my Dad joined the Army where he served two tours in Vietnam with them,  and one of the places he was stationed while in the Army was Orleans, France  where I was born. The then president of France, Charles de Gaulle, kicked American troops out of France, and we then moved to Stuttgart, Germany. Indianapolis, Indiana after that – and then Colorado Springs where my Dad retired. 

Your dad passed away when you were a senior in high school.  What great lessons did you learn from him? I really admired him.  Aside from being in the military, because he left high school before graduating to join the Army, he went back and got his GED, and then got his four-year degree in Psychology from the University of Southern Colorado (which is now Colorado State University).  I tell ya’, he taught me perseverance and never to give up.

You are very close to your Mom, and you also credit her with helping you become the great woman you are today…. My mom went to Texas Southern University and worked in Civil Service all her life and also retired from the Navy Reserve.  She instilled in me my faith in God, and the belief that I can achieve.  She’s an amazing woman and my backbone.  She’s taught me there’s always a brighter side.  I learned how to be a strong, independent woman and love who I am through my lessons from Mom.  I am so incredibly blessed to have her in my life.

About bullying:  What can be done about it?  There needs to be a bigger stance in our schools.  Safe zones should be created for kids where they can go when they have been bullied; and those doing the bullying need to know there are consequences.  And in-school counseling needs to be available for both the victims and those doing the bullying.  They are usually kids with many problems of their own, and that’s what I remember about my bullies – who, to this day, I still remember their names.  Parents and teachers should continue to get more involved with what’s going on in their students’ lives.    

Do you have a treasured possession you’d be lost without?  Something that reminds me of the family and my life… The photo albums that my mom has put together for us.  She’s spent so much time collecting memories of my brother and me.  That’s something I really treasure.

 What one word would describe you? Energetic!

How would others describe you? Loyal, faithful and compassionate.

Do you have a fashion addiction? Shoes and bags. When I find a good shoe in my size, I feel like it’s my lucky day! 

What would you say is your own "personal style"?   Just fun, fresh and fashion-forward! 

What qualities do you look for in friend?   Loyalty, how they treat others, a  sense of humor, the type of person you would love to have dinner with and have both light – or serious conversations with, people who are silly and feel free to be themselves.  I find I learn so much from my friends.

What inspires you to come up with the concepts and ideas for your clients? - How do you keep that creativity flowing?  I get inspired by the passion my clients feel for their business and their projects.   As far as keeping the creativity flowing, for me it’s important to also give yourself time to relax and recharge by doing fun things like going to happy hour with friends or Thursday night volleyball games at Wash Park (where we head to a friend’s house across the street from the park to barbecue afterwards, and spending time with the man in my life…  That recharges me.  I also love getting together with many of my other entrepreneurial friends and sharing concepts and ideas and just plain supporting one another.

What are some of the suggestions you give clients who are on a budget these days?  I sit down with them and hear what they want to achieve – if they don’t have the budget for all of it, we narrow it down and simplify it, and grow the idea from there. The hope is as the business grows, so will the budget. 

Where do you like to go in Denver where you can have a quiet dinner with a friend?  Any place that has al fresco dining…

Where do you like to go with your friends in a not so quiet environment? Linger Rooftop, Lola’s Patio, Yardhouse Park Meadows and the Ale House.

Have you ever thought about living somewhere else other than Denver?  If so, where?   I’ve already lived in different cities, from Dallas and Albany to Salt Lake and Las Vegas, so Denver is it for me, and it’s closest to my family.

How has Denver changed over the last 20 years?  Better restaurant scene, better social scene, the growth has been fantastic!  Denver is much more progressive and cutting edge than it was let’s say 15 years ago.  I like that it’s a big city now – that creates lots of energy!

What nonprofits have grabbed your attention?  I have been an events committee member for Children’s Hospital Colorado since 2003, sat on the board of  Ronald McDonald House in Salt Lake, serve as a speaker to youth for Friends First, and chairwoman for a new Denver charitable event called “Glamour and Giving” benefitting St. Jude’s.  I love volunteering my time mostly for children or youth-oriented organizations, and when it’s my birthday, I always ask people to come help me cook dinner for the families staying at the Ronald McDonald House instead of buying me gifts.

What distinguishes you from other marketing companies?  My 20+ years in marketing from both the client and broadcast sales side.  Knowledge of how marketing and advertising works from both angles, allows me to dive deep in to their needs and come out on the other side with a solid plan or as we call it, their roadmap.  I approach their needs as if their BMG’s own

What event wouldn’t you even think of missing each year?  My annual “Holiday Champagne party.”  It’s hard to believe that in ten years, it’s grown from a house party to a party with over 350 people.

What is something that might surprise our readers about you?   I love to draw. Ever since I was a kid, I loved to sketch pictures, and I’m bringing that hobby back.

If you could have any client in the world, who would it be?  I’d like to be the Publicist for Justin Timberlake!

What is your personal philosophy that helps guide your life?  Never give up...  My mom always reminds me of when I was a kid, I did an all-day roller-skate-a-thon at Skate City for M.S., and although my asthma kicked in half way through, and my feet were so sore I had blisters, I just wouldn’t stop.  Because it was for charity, I just couldn’t quit!  I still feel the same today…

What do you consider your greatest achievement?  Winning international awards from the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) for my mall marketing programs. And of course, starting my own company – it’s something I’ve always wanted to do... Ever since joining DECA in high school.

What great personal adventures are you looking forward to?  Taking my amazing mom on a mom/daughter trip to Europe and more travel in general.    

How do you want to be remembered?  Doing good by others.