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Community Involvement & Awards (Partial List): Board President of Project PAVE, Co-Chair of Adelante Mujer Board of Directors, Member of the Colorado Women’s Forum. Has served on the Board of the President’s Community Advisory Board for Metropolitan State College, The Women’s Foundation of Colorado Board of Trustees, The Board of Directors for the National Council of La Raza, and Project Wise Women’s Self-sufficiency Nonprofit Center. Colorado Women’s Agenda 1999 Award Recipient.

Cecilia Sanchez de Ortiz is a woman in the Colorado community who has made a positive, sustaining impact. She has created a lasting legacy with her tireless devotion to creating opportunities and support for women and children. Cec, a native Coloradoan, has extensive experience in the areas of workforce training issues, human resources management, and business development in both the public and non-profit sectors.

Ortiz has devoted her professional career to community/economic development and has been a proven asset to businesses, the public sector and charitable organizations alike.

Cec has owned her own consulting business, worked for former Governor Roy Romer as the State Director of the Colorado Small Business Development Center and was State Director of the Women’s Business Offices. She also held the position of Executive Director of Mi Casa Resource Center for Women, a national model employment and training program for low-income, minority women and girls in the Denver area.

Cec Ortiz, with over 25 years of experience, was appointed the Director of Workforce Development for the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development in 2003. Prior to her mayoral appointment, Cec was a partner at Catalyst Resources, Inc. a consulting firm that helps corporations, government agencies, and foundations reach out to diverse populations, providing community and economic development project management services, technology access, and business training opportunities.

Along with her job as Director of Workforce Development and serving on various different non-profit boards, Cec’s contributions have been far-reaching. She has dedicated countless hours to projects that help needy low-income families achieve self- sufficiency.

Those who have worked with Cec know she attracts people to her with her “no nonsense” approach to getting the job done. She has a gift for bringing the right people together to achieve amazing results. Just ask the women and children whose lives are better because of her guidance and leadership.

What did you say you wanted to be when you were a young girl? I wanted to be a nurse for the World Health Organization.

What moves and inspires you to do the work you do? People….I am always amazed at the strength and resilience of people…especially those that are committed to helping cities, states, countries do well by their citizenry!

What charitable event is your favorite? I don’t tend to do many but PP’s Luncheon always makes me thankful and humbled….truly an opportunity to hear incredible stories and to be part of something bigger than you.

What fundraising activities are you involved in at this time? Just the work I do on boards and special projects

Who is or was your mentor? I have been blessed to have many….an ex-priest, a community activist, a financier……

Who is your hero? My mom and dad

What qualities do you most value in your friends? Understanding, ability to be honest with me, they are sure about what they want, have a sense of humor

What do you consider your proudest or most significant achievement? Birthing and raising my two boys

Which one word describes you best? Hard worker – A Seeker

What one word would others use to describe you? Lots of passion – foul-mouthed…

What do you like most about the town or state you live in? 300 and something days of sunshine!

What are your hobbies or other interests? Tennis, reading, going to movies

What do you regard as the lowest dept of misery? When you have no hope!

What is your personal motto - or favorite quote? It’s not what you want; it’s what you need…

What is the best advice your Mom/Dad ever gave you? Remember where you came from

What is the best advice someone else ever gave you? A quote that I love is: Begin with the end in mind

What do you think made you the person you are today? My family, my experiences – good and bad, some wonderful mentors

What are you looking forward to the most in the future? Traveling, hanging out with my grandchildren and children, maybe one more career opportunity to make change happen…

With all your talents and capabilities, is there something you still would like to learn to do? Play an instrument? Learn a new language? Swim

What would you most like to pass on to your family or future generations? Encourage them to be part of any change that helps create a better world for all of us.