Have You Met?

With both feet planted firmly on the ground, there’s no need for a warming up period when you meet and chat with Christine Chang.  You sense her warmth from the get-go, and suddenly it feels as if you’ve known this darling enthusiastic personality forever! 

Christine joined 7NEWS as the weekend and morning anchor/reporter in February 2004. She's actually a 10 year veteran in the news broadcasting industry working previously for an ABC affiliate in Las Vegas, and she also worked in Eugene, Oregon, New Jersey, and in Louisiana where Christine and her family resided. Christine says: I love everything about Colorado and feel very lucky to be a part of the local community.”

Christine Chang knew she wanted to be a television news anchor when she was in high school.  She loved being in school and tried to learn something new about the world everyday – because as Christine discovered: “The more you learn, the wiser you become.”   

Christine is a member of the Asian American Journalists Association; and Ms. Chang has been the Mistress of Ceremonies at many unique non-profit events such as the Dragon Boat Festival, Chinese New Year Celebration and the Annual Immigrant Liberty Awards.  And - in 2008, radio station Alice 105.9 FM ran a contest called: “TV News Hotties Contest,” and Christine was voted the “Hottest Field Reporter.”  Wow, what good taste Alice listeners have!

Almost a year ago, while out with friends, Christine met her boyfriend at Lola’s Restaurant where she says: “I really wasn’t looking to meet someone, but the best things happen to people when you least expect it!” They seem to be having a good time and enjoying life, which goes along with something else Christine said at our meeting: “If you have your health at any age, life holds promise and opportunities..”  Wise advice for sure from this internationally traveled beauty who could easily be an ambassador for love, understanding and tolerance in our world.  Christine has a beautiful human spirit and a natural spark that is refreshing. Let’s just say in general Christine Chang has a whole lot of good things going for her!

How similar - or different - is the Denver Charitable Community from those of the other cities you have lived in? 
I’ve lived in Vegas, Jersey, Eugene, OR – and in Eugene, they do a lot with homelessness.  Denver has a variety of organizations that come out and raise money for different charities.  More people here want to start new “first-time” non-profits, which is great.  The participation at fundraisers in Denver appears to be very high. 
What non-profits have you been involved with since you started working in Denver?
I try to do as much as I can to learn more about what’s out there.  I’m very active with cancer organizations - and also the University of Colorado Hospital – as well as the other hospitals.  I often do health-related stories to bring awareness to the issues.
Tell us how you got involved with the "Tennis with the Stars" event that will take place on Saturday, August 29th at the Gates Tennis Center to benefit "Youth at Risk After School Programs"? 
I love to play tennis!  Loan Vo asked me to participate last year, but unfortunately I was out of town.  So, she said: “What about next year?”  I’m so glad she did.  I play tennis about 2 or 3 times a week and know quite a few of the ladies in the tennis community.  Since this is my first year, I’m learning a lot about “Tennis with the Stars.”  It takes place on August 29th,  with tennis star – Owen Davidson (and other local pros), and lots of other local stars participating like Mayor Hickenlooper, Senator Chris Romer, D.A. Mitch Morrissey, Jim Beneman from CBS 4 News, Michael Ledwitz of Denver Magazine and more.  I can’t wait for people to come out and join us!  It benefits such a good cause - Denver’s “Youth at Risk” with after school programs and sports.  A spectator ticket is only $25.  Blacktie is also a sponsor and is handling our registration at:  www.blacktie-colorado.com – RSVP code: tennis. 

Can you share with us one of your fondest childhood memories? 
When I was 8 years old and still living in Taipei, near my grandmother’s house, I was with my cousin learning how to ride my bicycle – with the training wheels raised up – so I wouldn’t fall over completely.  My cousin promised he wouldn’t let go of me, but I made the mistake of turning around and noticing he wasn’t there; so I fell and scraped my knee.  I was really mad at him then, but afterwards I realized that’s how you learn to ride a bike!

Who is the wisest person you know and what did you learn from them?
 My mom and dad.  I’m an only child, and they are my best friends.  I’ve always said: “Everything good about me is from my mom and dad.  Everything bad, I learned on my own in college.  So there’s no one to blame - but me.”  They are my role models.  My dad is the one who gives me wisdom and balance and is the logical side of me, and my mother is the one that – I’m still learning from her to this day – to have patience, love and acceptance…

What is the best advice your mom or dad ever gave you?

My dad taught me how to separate taking something too personally – since many times it’s just your perception of how it is – and logically thinking things through.
What a fabulous group of people you have at KMGH Channel 7; I’ve interviewed several of them, and all together - it seems like the nicest news team in town.  Tell us about the great dynamics you have and what makes it work so well? 
I think all of our hearts are genuine and in the right place.  If you have that at your core, then you can make the right decisions – especially with the job that we do, we work for the community, and that’s who we are here for.  Working well together just seems to fall in place.
Seriously, you always look so perfectly put together and professional when you are on the air - what's your secret? 
Oh, I eat lots of greens… In the Chinese culture, we grow so many plants, and we learn how to cook them.

What will we find you doing on your days off?  What are your favorite leisure time activities or hobbies? 
If I’m not sleeping in (laughs) because of the hours I work, then I play a lot of tennis and take jogs with my dog, Lana (a Standard Poodle).  I also just like “vegging” out in tee shirts and shorts watching TV.  I definitely find that I need some time to wind down. 

What is your most treasured material possession - and what is something money just can't buy? 
My passport - because I love to travel.  And something money can’t buy: Creating memories… when it’s all said and done, you can’t take anything with you to the end, except for your memories.

What do you wish you could have a never-ending supply of? 
Time and Energy.

So far, what do you consider your greatest achievement? 
Career-wise, I’ve always wanted to be a morning anchor, so I’m enjoying the ride for as long as I can.  Personally, it would be the people I’ve affected in a positive way when I can tell their story and bring awareness to their cause.

What was the smartest decision you ever made? 

Before I started my career, to go to so many different places with my parents.  I learned so much by taking the time to go on vacations with them.

With so much conflict in our world, in your opinion, how or what can we do to reach out to other people and their countries; what will it take for all of us to co-exist and find mutual respect for one another? 
Unfortunately, with power comes greed, with greed sometimes comes chaos, with chaos comes illegal actions (or whatever you want to call it), it creates a ripple effect.  If we all can learn to be satisfied and appreciate what we have, instead of wanting more, we could co-exist better.  It’s also about being more open-minded and not so quick to judge others.  We as individuals have to work harder to tolerate and respect each other.   
What does living every day to the fullest mean to you?
Staying grounded and living simply.  Although we should live and enjoy every minute, a friend shared this with me early on in my career, and it's a something I’ve also tried to live by: "Always think today - you are building for tomorrow."
Where do you see yourself 10 years from now - what do you hope you will be doing?
 I hope to have my own family by then; and I’d like to pass on all the love I’ve received to my kids.  I want to give them the same foundation that was given to me by my parents when I was a kid.  I also hope to be working in some shape or form.  I’m still having fun and want to enjoy the ride as long as I can.  I’ll always be doing something with the community.  I’m sure I’ll be out there!
Christine, can we share your fabulous Ground Turkey & Corn Recipe with our readers?  I can see this served with a green salad – or stuffed in lettuce wraps…. 


Christine Chang's Ground Turkey & Corn Recipe


One package of ground turkey
3 strands of green onion (add or minus depending on how you like the taste)
About half clove of garlic (add or minus depending on you)
Soy sauce
Vegetable oil
One bag of frozen corn

Cooking Instructions:

1. Cut green onion and garlic in small pieces.
2. Mix about two table spoons of chopped garlic and green onions with turkey. Pour in about half a cup of soy sauce (add more if you like more juice). Add 3 tablespoons of sugar to balance out the salt in soy sauce. Mix it up.
3. Pour about 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil in pan. Throw in 1 tablespoon of chopped garlic and onions. Stir fry, then throw in marinated ground turkey. Stir fry until done. Take out of pan.
4. Pour about 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil in pan. Throw in 1 tablespoon or more of chopped green onions. Stir fry, then throw in the bag of corn. Add 1 teaspoon of salt (can add more if you like, but keep in mind the sauce from the ground meet will have salt in it too). Stir fry until corn is done (likely 5 minutes or so) then throw in cooked ground turkey. Voila, enjoy!