Have You Met?

You could hear the excitement in Denise Snyder’s voice when she talked about her upcoming buying trip to the “market” in Los Angeles!  She’s there at least six times a year.  Snyder is the owner of Mariel, a boutique at 3000 East 3rd Avenue in Cherry Creek North that recently relocated from Larimer Square – and is named after her daughter. 

Always vibrantly elegant, on top of the trends, and “head-turning” stylish in her own right, many fashion-conscious women have relied on Snyder to dress them in the most flattering, hand-selected clothing – and at the right price.  A Mariel customer commented: “I just bought a dress there and honestly thought they had the most unique and beautiful dresses in all of Denver. The dresses were all one-of-a-kind compared to anything I had seen at the five other shops I went to.  If you want something different and want to wow people, check Mariel out!”

Denise Snyder is also very involved in the nonprofit community and generously puts together fashion shows for charities - especially for one of her favorite organizations - Volunteers of America (VOA); and her daughter, Mariel, will be honored as a debutante on June 22, 2013 at the Fine Arts Foundation Debutante Ball.    

VOA honored Snyder with their “Special Friends Award” and sang her praises: “Denise Snyder is a volunteer who reflects the heart and soul of Volunteers of America – she has literally answered our founders call to “Go wherever we are needed, and do whatever comes to hand.”  Taking time from her busy days running Mariel, Denise has put her heart and soul into fun fundraising events for years.  In each event, Denise leads with confidence and poise, representing Volunteers of America with ease and grace.  All of Denise’s endeavors for the Volunteers of America Guild reflect her values and heart for service. She is a spirited, energetic, dedicated, and a wonderfully creative volunteer with a generous heart - especially for people less fortunate.” 

Denise Snyder relishes the life she lives.  Doing what she had always dreamed of as a young girl, Denise knows that she has been blessed with good fortune.  She works diligently at being a one-stop shopping experience for her customers.  There’s no doubt that Denise will come back from L.A. with plenty of “fit to flatter”, hand-picked items to help “fashionistas” and some of the most influential women in Denver look like a million bucks!  

Denise, I know you don’t necessarily like to do interviews, so thank you for taking the time to do this with Blacktie.  You are always so outgoing and friendly in public, is there a shy side to you?  I would not describe myself as shy, nor would my friends!  I am actually very outgoing.  I love socializing and meeting new friends.  I am great at connecting my friends for business, charities – and sometimes romance!


Your daughter is a senior in high school this year. What’s the key to raising a teenage daughter in today’s sophisticated, high-tech world?  Discipline - but letting her take responsibility for herself.

How has the move from Larimer Square to Cherry Creek North gone?  I bet having you in CCN is a welcomed addition.  It has been wonderful!  My neighbors have been so welcoming.  When I opened my store, they all sent flowers to welcome me to the neighborhood, and they stopped by.  My customers seem happy that I am more conveniently located for them.  You can always find street parking near our store, and we have our own parking lot right behind the store. 

What distinguishes you most from other women’s boutiques?  We are a full-service boutique, and we offer sportswear, shoes, hats and accessories.  We dress you head to toe! We also have a Bridal and Evening Salon with one-of- a-kind dresses – and all at affordable prices. 

You grew up in Colorado, what is your fondest childhood memory?  Going to Vail every year for Thanksgiving with all of our extended family.  As we grew older, we would bring along our friends, and we always had a lot of laughs and created some great memories. 

You and Brent have been married for 23 years, and I like to ask all married folks this:  What is the secret to wedded bliss?  I believe sharing your faith is important.  You have to have a lot of love and respect for each other and share the same values.  Last but not least, sometimes you have to compromise!

Who do you most admire in this world?  I most admire my parents.  They gave our family such a great foundation rich in faith, morals, ethics, values and traditions.  I wish everyone in this world could have had this as they were growing up.

What is your own personal style?  I am definitely a “girlie girl.”  I love to dress up and love feminine clothes.  I also like to wear tailored looks with a cutting edge.

What piece of clothing have you not been able to part with through the years (personally – or in the store)?  The “Mariel Pant.”  I had it designed years ago, and we still sell it every day.  Women are addicted to them.  We are still knocked off by designers every time I go to market! 

Who would you put on the best-dressed list among the famous?  I love Halle Berry – she always looks amazing on the red carpet.  Gwyneth Paltrow has great style, and Taylor Swift always looks impeccable. 

What are some of the new fashion trends you see out there?  For Fall, leather is back!  I am looking forward to wearing the stretch leather leggings and love the leather detail on knit tops and coats.

What was your favorite vacation spot ever?  I loved Rome – the history, food, clothes… All of it was “sensory overload!”  Seeing the Vatican for the first time was very emotional for me, and I was in complete awe.

What are your favorite words of wisdom or a favorite motto?  “Live everyday to its fullest.”

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?  I love going to work every day…  I have the most fun and interesting customers.  Hopefully I will still be styling customers at Mariel. 

How do you want to be remembered?  I would like to be remembered as a great mom, wife and also someone who has helped the community.