Have You Met?

Dianna Kunz practically grew up with Volunteers of America. It was her first job after graduate school and since then, Dianna says, “I’ve done every job except accounting.” This summer, the president and chief executive officer will mark 29 years with VOA Colorado Branch, overseeing food, shelter and emergency services for more than 350,000 men, women and children a year.

After starting as a case manager, Dianna says, “It grabbed me because it was about meeting basic needs. It was more of a calling than a job.”

Dianna’s call to ministery began while growing up in Denver with five brothers and a father “whom I considered a minister.” As a church leader, “My dad was in charge of making sure homeless families had shelter. People always came to our house looking for help. I saw him helping – even providing jobs at his construction company - and I knew I wanted to work in ministry.”

Known as the steady one in her family, Dianna felt called to take an additional step in 1985, and became one of only 10 VOA-ordained ministers in Colorado.

When she is not at weekend fundraising events, Dianna relaxes by spending time with good friends and shopping. “I’m a shopper. I could be on the Olympic shopping team!”

Interests: Collecting antique dolls

If you could be something other than what you are, what would you be? A college professor

What one expression do you use every day? “Bugga-bugga!” I say that instead of saying “Hi, how are ya?” to my co-workers ten times a day.

If you could have a no-holds barred shopping spree, where would you go?  Rome

Favorite restaurant: Strings

Who is your hero? Eleanor Roosevelt

If money and time was no object, what would you do? Buy a condominium in the mountains

What’s your favorite comfort food? Crunchy Cheetos

What gives a woman style? The way she carries herself.

What do you like to read? Mysteries

What is one thing nobody knows about you? Nothing