Have You Met?

Often imitated but never equaled, the absolutely delightful “Dealin’ Doug” Moreland (one of the largest auto dealers in the State of Colorado) has also been one of the most staunch and loyal supporters of Cancer League of Colorado for many years. To show his commitment to fighting cancer, he donates a beautiful new car (usually red) with all the bells and whistles from one of his dealerships which is raffled off at Cancer League of Colorado’s key yearly fundraising gala.

Moreland lost his sister to cancer when she was only 40, so Cancer League's mission of cancer research for a cure is especially meaningful to him.  "There's nothing better than the ladies at Cancer League of Colorado," says Doug Moreland; "We've given a car every year for 22 years, and as long as I'm alive, we'll give a car, because I'm telling you, these ladies are tenacious when it comes to fighting cancer."  Annette Jewell, the President of Cancer League of Colorado, says the admiration is mutual: “Doug is one of the greatest guys around!”

“Livin’ Life Large”, the magnetic Doug Moreland has never been a shy guy with his TV audience.  He’s been known to display super powers assuming various super hero personalities on TV, and proclaiming that: "Nobody beats a Dealin' Doug deal. Nobody!"  Doug just “sealed the deal” on buying back five dealerships he previously sold to Lithia Motors Inc. in a buying bout that makes him the third-largest auto dealer in the state.

When the people in your own industry also say glowing things about you, you must be one of the good guys….  Listen to these testimonials:

"Doug Moreland is one of the smartest people in the industry in Colorado. He knows exactly what he's doing.  He's a risk taker, he's a capitalist, he's an entrepreneur, he's an investor. He's in it for the long haul."  Colorado Automobile Dealers Association President, Tim Jackson.

"He's the best competitor I could ever have, because he's a smart car person. Doug is a terrific marketer, and he spends a lot of money in the marketplace, and that stirs up traffic."  Mike Faricy, owner (along with his sons) of the Faricy Boys Dealership in Colorado Springs.

"Doug is one of the best merchandisers I’ve ever met.  His track record speaks for itself."   Rick Carlin (who sold his dealership, Carlin Dodge Superstore, to Moreland).

Doug Moreland is a true believer in our country and is confident that the American car lines won’t go away.  Mr. Moreland has faith in the talented people who work for him - plus he has plenty of courage to ride out any economic downturns out there.  Will his known strategic capabilities prove him true again?  Full speed ahead "Super Doug" – we’re behind you all the way!

What charities have you been involved with and how did you get involved?
Mike Yatsko of Chrysler got me involved with the Make a Wish Foundation and Cancer League of Colorado many years ago, and we have been supporting them ever since.

You have some personal stories about your involvement with cancer organizations; what are they?
Right after I became involved with Cancer League, my sister who was 4 years older than me at the time died of cancer.  She was a teacher and coach at Eagle Crest High School in Aurora.  She didn’t smoke, drank very little and ran 5 miles a day, was in perfect health; and one day wakes up, and she has cancer spread from her head to her toe.  That was when I got involved personally and made a commitment to help find a cure.  Even closer to home, my eldest daughter (who is 37 right now) was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, and luckily she’s a survivor. 

You hear a lot of bad, tragic stories, but you also hear a lot of stories of triumph.  One day something’s going to be a big trigger, and we will learn how to beat this horrible disease.   

How do you decide which car you are going to donate to raffle off at the Cancer League gala?
I look at what’s new and exciting out there, and what the public might like the best so that Cancer League can sell as many raffle tickets as possible.
Do you know what the next big Cancer League event is? 

I understand they are doing a brand new kind of fundraiser called: “Over the Edge” which is an event that allows people to rappel off of a rooftop 20+ stories in height.  Cancer League has the first license to host such an event in the Denver area.  There are a number of locations being considered at this time; and the event is currently scheduled for Summer 2009.

If you hadn’t have ended up in the car business, what other direction would you have taken? 
I really don’t know.  I’ve been selling cars since I’ve been in college.  I used to be in the restaurant business, but I knew after selling my first car it was the business I wanted to be in.  The reason is that every transaction is different, every customer is different with different needs and wants, and it’s very satisfying to be able to help them make the right decision.  I guess I probably would be working for a big corporation somewhere if I didn’t end up doing what I’m doing. 

What are the five dealerships you just bought back from Lithia? 
Colorado Chrysler Jeep, Cherry Creek Dodge, two dealerships in Fort Collins - and Centennial Chrysler Jeep.

Did you love cars as a young boy?  
Yes, I liked “hot rods” – my first car was a ‘55 Chevy, Orange - with chrome wheels and all that stuff…. 

Where do you love to go to just get away? 
Palm Springs.

Who is the wisest person you know, and what did you learn from that person? 
Hank Torian, who was my first business partner.  From him I learned the basics of automobile retailing, how to take the fear out of expanding, and how to pick good people.  He owned Cherry Creek Dodge, and I moved here from California and ran the dealership for him.  We were partners for 5 years, and he gave me a lot of wise advice.  

You are such a public figure, what is something no one might know about you? 
I love to collect baseball memorabilia. I’m a big Rockies fan, so I’ve collected items like tickets and the program of the first game ever, items from the first game they played against the NY Mets, lots of signed Jersey’s - like one signed by Don Baylor, the first Rockies manager, memorabilia from the old Blake Street Baseball Club, etc.  

Why should we feel confident about buying American cars these days? 

First of all, people are concerned about their warranties being good; now they are backed by the federal government.  You can buy with confidence – if Chrysler, GM or Ford goes out of business, they will back the warranty – which is millions and millions of dollars in payments.  Also, the quality has become so superior to what it was years ago.  You can rate the American cars right now along with the Japanese or any other Europeans.  Quality and technology is so much better with new safety features – it’s just a great product right now.  If you like the looks of the car, the rest is all there with a superior product.  If you live and work in America, it’s a good way to keep your money here.  You have to support the people in your own backyard.              

What is your all time favorite car? 
I drive a Chrysler 300, and it’s become one of my favorites.

How do you hope you will be remembered by future generations? 
A fair, honest businessman that gave a lot of people the opportunity to achieve their dreams and succeed in life.  I want my grandkids to remember I loved them and loved being around them. I would like to be remembered as a good father, grandfather - and as a good and fair employer.