Have You Met?

If you want to put your best “face” forward, Dr. Adrienne Stewart, Dermatologist, is the person to see. Dr. Stewart is considered one of the top Dermatologists in Colorado and was chosen as one of the best by 5280 Magazine in their “2001 Best Doctors in Denver” edition. Recently, Dr. Stewart was featured by 5280 in their “Beauty Guru” issue.

This Doc is calm and collected, tall, slim and gorgeous and has a lot to offer her patients if they want to have healthy, beautiful skin – and slow down the aging process. How could anyone in our dry Colorado climate have a problem with that?

Although making people look better is part of Dr. Stewart’s job, she agrees that beauty is only skin deep, and it’s more about who you are inside. Dr. Stewart relevantly points out that if you feel better about yourself with cosmetic improvements, it may boost your self esteem and help you interact more confidently with people.

For subtle (or dramatic) improvements to your complexion without going under the knife, you will find this competent, pleasant doctor understanding, helpful and extremely knowledgeable. Dr. Stewart helps her patients “stay in the game” with her expertise in the field of Dermatology whether it’s students dealing with acne, people who need to compete in the workforce - or look their best while interacting socially. Adrienne adds: “A positive attitude is an important part of beautiful skin.”

Dr. Stewart also has a soft spot in her heart for children and adults with Diabetes. One of her sons has been dealing with the disease since he was ten.  Adrienne and her husband are big supporters of several Diabetes organizations. Adrienne and Dan hope that someday, with all the efforts being made to find a cure, Diabetes will soon be a thing of the past.


What’s the best advice you have for a young woman who wants to follow in your footsteps and become an M.D./Dermatologist? If your interest is Dermatology, start out early and work in the field and explore it. Try to work on a research project in Derm at a local university. While working hard, enjoy each day and try to be nice to whomever you come into contact with - that will get you far no matter what field you choose.

What charitable causes are you involved with or have been involved with? Children's Diabetes Foundation; Junior League of Denver (sustainer); Colorado Ballet; and several Dermatology events - usually free skin screenings.

Because of my work schedule, I am not as involved as I’d like to be; and I admire all the women and men who do so much for the community. I also try to give to the organizations through donations with gift certificates to my office.

Is there an event you really look forward to attending each year? The Brass Ring Luncheon for Diabetes is a favorite day for me: I take the whole day off and meet with friends and watch a fun fashion show and usually bid on a few items; it’s also fun for me to dress up and wear heels! (At work I go for comfort and am usually in scrubs and sneakers or crocs).

What concerns do you have about the field of medicine as it is today; and what improvements need to be made? I have a lot of concerns about medicine and the future of it- but it would take to long to go into.

Tell us about some of the great new skin procedures being offered in your field today? We have so many new procedures and creams to offer patients today: We relax over-worked muscles (and wrinkles) with Botox, we refill the loss of volume with fillers, and we resurface the sun-damaged skin with Fraxel laser; skin can also be tightened with Thermage.

Do you have a favorite childhood memory? Traveling with my parents and visiting my grandparents.

When in your life did your interest in medicine begin? I knew at a very young age that I wanted to major in French and be a Dermatologist. I remember telling my grandmother that when I was about 8-years-old.

What is something you absolutely can’t live without? I can't live without my Tabasco - I put it on everything!

Describe your perfect dream get-away? Any get away is perfect for me because I am usually with those that I love, and any get away is a new fun experience.

Who would you like to trade places with for a day, and why? That is a difficult question; I like being myself, and do not want to trade any of my days.

We talked about the often quoted “beauty is only skin deep” theory, what are more of your thoughts on this? True beauty comes from within and inner beauty can enhance outer beauty; In saying that, sometimes in my field - if I can make someone feel more comfortable in their own skin, i.e., making their skin more beautiful, that person sometimes will then feel better about themselves and truly shine from the inside out - and in that case, the outward beauty can make the inward beauty appear. That all being said, I still feel that inner beauty will go much deeper than outward beauty.

How do you feel about celebrities like Joan Rivers, etc. - or the infamous “Cat Lady” from New York – who openly admit to being addicts to plastic surgery? At what point can it be too much, or detrimental to ones health mentally or physically? I like people to look as natural as possible, not so extreme that a bystander would cringe at looking at that person. I am certainly not opposed to plastic surgery and think if it makes someone feel better about themselves, then I think that is great; I do worry though for those people who have so much surgery that they do not look normal - they look abnormal - that can be scary. I think surgery should restore what was lost through age or perhaps reconstruction after accidents or cancer, etc.

What is a moment in life you will never forget? Probably meeting Dan and my kids for the first time.

What do you like most about yourself? I am a very calm person and am not easily frazzled, and that I thankfully wake up happy each day.

What is one thing nobody may know about you? That I majored in French and attended the Sorbonne from 1979-1980.

Do you have a hero or mentor? My parents are my heroes. They both are wonderful people and have strong work ethics. My mother showed me that women are not inferior to men in medicine - and in fact, I really believe in Dermatology that it is a true advantage to be female. My father taught me that being patient is a true virtue and doing what you want to do is important. They both still work and enjoy life to the max!

What do you consider your proudest achievement? My three wonderful children - who make me look like a great parent.

What are your favorite sports or leisure time activities? I love to exercise - it makes me happy and is a daily ritual. I do cardio on my own, and twice a week, I do weights with my trainer, who makes weights a fun experience.

I love to watch my kids' sports, and then I am a big fan of the Avs Nuggets, Broncos and Rockies. My boys play hockey, so that’s the sport that I probably watch the most - although all three kids play basketball and some form of baseball as well. Skiing is another sport that we like to do in the winter.

What will we find you doing on a Saturday night? Going to an event or perhaps a movie with the family, or just relaxing at home.

What is your favorite restaurant in Denver? Chez Dan Boyle (where I live!)

Would you ever choose to live somewhere other than Denver – maybe someday? Where would that be? I do not see myself moving; I love to travel and visit other places, and I love to go home to visit Louisiana - but Denver is my new (16 years) home.

What is your most treasured possession? I don't know that I possess them, but my family.

What is something you would still like to learn to do? Maybe play tennis better and perhaps learn Bridge. I also would not mind learning Spanish.

What’s in the future for Dr. Adrienne Stewart; where do you see yourself ten years from now? Continuing to work hard - trying to clear patients' skins be it acne, cancer or wrinkles. Continuing to stay on top of my field, and trying to better educate the public about sun exposure.

How do you want to be remembered by future generations? I would like to be remembered as someone who enjoys what she does and does what she enjoys!