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On any given morning, you might find the well-connected and worldly PR Maven - Ellen Robinson going through the drive-through of Starbucks ordering her “Grande non-fat whipped mocha.” The delightful and thoroughly modern Ellen is impressively her own person and very much a part of the Denver charitable scene – as her family has been for generations. There is a rich Robinson history with the ownership of Robinson Dairy established in 1885 by Ellen’s great-great grandfather Louis Robinson. 

Aside from being very physically fit - which she attributes to Pilates, the other things you become aware of about Ellen are her dependability, dedication and loyalty.  When she commits to something, she’s there 100%. 

Growing up in Denver, Robinson remembers when the city was a close-knit community and had that small town feel. Ellen says: “You went all the way from elementary school to high school with the same group of kids.” I asked Ellen (with a wink) if, because she came from a family who owned a dairy, was she required to drink at least three glasses of milk a day?  She answered diplomatically (with a smile) “Absolutely! It was a requirement…” 

Ellen’s love of travel and adventure is obvious by the many places she has visited such as: South Africa, Hungary, Romania, Japan, France, Italy, Portugal, Israel, the UK, and Amsterdam.  
Poised, wise and composed – but still full of energy - the much respected Ellen Robinson adds lots of class to the Colorado social scene and to the nonprofits she represents. Ellen has pledged to support her community as her family has done for many years.    

Ellen, what’s going on in your very full life right now? Give us a bit of a rundown.  It’s been a very busy year.  Worked on several large non-profit events including Kempe Takes Manhattan and the Global Down Syndrome Foundation Jet Set Fashion Show.  My restaurant clients included Pinkberry, opening their first two locations in Colorado and Shanahan's Steakhouse, which opened at the beginning of the year.  Also coordinated the event commemorating the renovation of Hyde Park Jewelers in Cherry Creek. 

How does growing up in Denver with a well known family with a history of philanthropy influence you today?  I certainly have very big shoes to fill, going as far back as my great-great grandfather.  Giving back is a value that's be instilled in our family, and it’s a given that we support our community in any way possible.
Aside from your parents, did you have a teacher who really instilled you with some good lessons? I 've had several mentors in my business dealings that have taught me best practices and how to be successful.

What’s the greatest non-material gift you’ve ever been given? The gift of good health. Nothing can match that.
What one word would describe you? Energetic or fun-loving?

What would you say is your own "personal style"?  
I pride myself in always dealing with people honestly and with the utmost integrity.
Do you have a fashion addiction?  Coats!

What qualities do you look for in a friend? Loyalty and trustworthiness.

Where do you like to go in Denver where you can have a quiet dinner with a friend?
I always enjoy Barolo Grill and of course, Shanahan's and Morton's!

Have you ever thought about living somewhere else other than Denver? If so, where?
New York City.
What's the biggest change you've seen happen in Denver in the last 20 years? The increase of cultural attractions in the metro area.

What is something that might surprise our readers about you?
I like to cook!

If you could have any client in the world, who would it be?
It would be hard to pick one - I've been so fortunate in the past to have worked with a vast and wonderful group of clients.

What is your personal philosophy? - maybe a quote, or some words of wisdom you use to guide you in life?  
If you treat people as you would like to be treated, you will always be successful and respected in your endeavors.

I bet you’ve met some interesting people through the years.  Who would you say has been the most interesting and why? For the past two years, with the Global Down Syndrome Foundation, I've had the opportunity to work with Quincy Jones, who is, unquestionably, one of the most talented and gifted individuals alive.
You are very athletic and physically fit, what do you do to stay in such good shape?
Pilates - and occasionally working with a personal trainer.  Should do more of both!
What’s in the future for Ellen Robinson? What great adventure are you looking forward to going on next? I have several opportunities to plan events nationally and internationally in 2011.  Looking forward to these exciting opportunities.