Have You Met?

The ever contemporary, Ginny & Lou Messina have been community supporters and volunteers for decades. As a couple, they have made a commitment to make their mark and share their passion for giving back. No matter what your status in life is, they see it as an obligation we should all honor.

Ginny and Lou are Denver natives and became sweethearts in high school. They both lived in the city; and the Messina’s remember when street cars were a popular mode of transportation. They are each others best friend, have led fruitful lives - and have raised a beautiful family together.

The Messina’s have made many loyal and genuine friends through the years who couldn’t imagine not having their sparkling presence at the many charitable events Ginny and Lou have chaired or attended.

Ginny loves gardening and decorating; and Lou is an avid golfer waiting for his recent shoulder injury to heal so he can get back out on the links.

When asked what is the secret to a long and happy marriage, the Messina’s both agree that just being there for each other no matter what the challenges are – and sharing the ups and downs in life - is the key.

Ginny and Louis Messina have a positive outlook on life; and they plan on always being of service to their community. Go Ginny and Lou – now that’s the spirit of giving!

What’s the best part of being so involved with the non-profit community? Charitable work is just something everyone should do. People need to help other people out and not just do things for their own pleasure and needs.

What charitable event so far has been your favorite? We really loved this year’s “Dancing for a Cause” for CNI (Colorado Neurological Institute). We have chaired this gala before, and it definitely was the favorite for 2006. It was something new and different.

What non-profits are the two of you involved with now – and also name some of the ones you have been involved with in the past? The Rocky Mountain Multiple Sclerosis Center, Arapahoe House, Colorado Neurological Society (CNI), Denver Children’s Advocacy Center, Children’s Diabetes, Kempe Children’s Foundation – and we were very involved with Swedish Hospital (ever since our children were little), and the Huntington’s Disease Society. The people with all of these organizations are so great to work with.

In a world filled with so many causes, how can people best decide which ones to support? Find the ones that mean the most to you. It’s easier to really become involved that way.

How did the two of you first meet? We were very young and met in junior high school.

What is your favorite vacation spot together? Hawaii – and we also enjoyed Palm Springs.

How do you complement each other? We do lots of things together, and we are a team. When we both had our surgeries, we were there for each other.

How has Denver changed through the years? Everything has gotten so big! So much traffic – it’s good we live in Grant Ranch outside of the city. We both grew up in Denver, so we’ve seen a lot of things grow.

If your house were up for sale and a prospective buyer did a walk-through, what would your home tell them about you? That our home is very neat – and contemporary. We don’t have a lot of “stuff” around.

What do you consider your proudest achievement? Having both of our children doing well and being happy. And our wonderful grandson, Josh – he’s the neatest kid (actually he’s a young man now – not a kid). He’s very ambitious and works very hard.

What is your advice for a happy marriage? Do things together and be good companions – just be there for each other.

What are you most proud of about each other? Ginny: Lou is so respectful and kind – and makes sure when someone older is around that he opens the door for them and does whatever he can. He’s a very sincere and honest person. He’s also very smart. Lou: Everything about Ginny – and all the volunteer work she has done.

Do you each have a personal quote or motto that you like or, just some good words of wisdom to share? Both of us just always say: “Be Positive!”

What do you know now, that you didn’t know then? That you have to work hard for what you want in life; and life isn’t just a hand-out – some things aren’t always fun, and you just have to get through it.

What is something both of you would still like to learn to do? Both of us just love to golf – and want to keep learning to get better at it.

What is a treasured family memory for both of you? We really treasure our 50th wedding anniversary. We took our entire family to Hawaii to celebrate. Years ago, we used to go to the “Wig Wam Resort” in Arizona. We started going there when the kids were really young and met friends down there every year.

What would each one of you like to be remembered for? For being kind and nice people. We care a lot about others and want to leave a good impression for future generations.