Have You Met?

Community involvement & Awards: Past President of numerous organizations, including the Greeley concerts Association, the Community Center for Creative Arts, the Kiwanis Club of Greeley, United Way of Weld County, Weld County cancer Society, and the Better Business Bureau Board of Northern Colorado. Jack has sat on the boards of the Weld County Mental Health Association, the Boys Club of Greeley, the American Red Cross, and the Weld County Heart Association. He has been recognized as the Teacher of the Year in Greeley and the Colorado Marketer of the Year by the American Marketing Association. In March 2005, he was presented with the William Funk Award for Building Community at the annual CANPO luncheon.

How has the work changed over the years? I’ve gone from recruiting band, choir and orchestra members to recruiting Chamber of Commerce members. You use the same technique.

What do you think made you the person you are today? I firmly believe my parents had a great deal of influence. They were 8th grade educated, hard working farmers. My Father and his brother homestead in the Haxtun area in 1903. We did leave the farm when I was about 7 years old but the same hard work ethic prevailed.

What is your personal motto – or favorite quote? “People do things for their reasons, not ours or mine”.

Who is your hero and why? I really don’t have a hero figure that I can think of off hand. I do think that part of the trouble in our country today (and I’m a Democrat) is the constant criticizing of our leaders in all fields.

Who was you mentor? Lloyd Jensen was the band instructor at our high school my last two years. I had fully intended to be a coach until he arrived and changed my future by suggesting I pursue a music teaching career. Many of my teaching techniques were from his way of instruction.

Which one word describes you best? Understanding

What one word would others use to describe you? Thoughtful, considering, tactful, positive (any of these).

What are you favorite things to do? Fine dining, visiting with old friends, playing with my grand children and now my three Great grand children, sharing the day with my wife, helping others.

What makes you laugh? A good joke on myself, a very good story, repeating funny stories about real life happenings, hearing the laughter of little children.

What book would you recommend people read? I read a great deal—all of James Michener’s books: read most of his; David Baldacci books: Pat Conroy—The Prince of Tides, Anne Rivers Siddons books about the South; Robin Plicher An Ocean Apart and many more.

What do you consider your proudest achievement? Getting married when we were 19 to my wife Dee. 56 years of great times!!

What is nearest and dearest to your heart? My family

Do you have a favorite childhood story? Not really…

What do you most value in your friends? True friends are there for you and you for them through any type of happiness and sadness. They are the ones that you don’t need to entertain when they come to your place…they came to be with you. Also, true friends don’t always have to be you ONLY friends. We have many many friends from all kinds of backgrounds, experience, and occupations.

What do you value in a friend? Listening to me, my listening to them….giving each other sound advice if necessary and above all be there through the good times as well as the bad times.

What is your advice for a happy marriage? I make all the BIG decisions she makes the small ones—so far I have had only one decision to make in the past 56 years. Seriously: NEVER go to bed and to sleep mad at each other and without a sincere goodnight kiss.