Have You Met?

As I sit and talk with non-profit community leader, Jane Mayberry, she reminds me of the High School Class President, peaches n’ cream (After all she is from Georgia!), girl-next-door with her ever youthful look. She’s as sweet and thoughtful as she looks and has invested much of her emotional capital in her charitable work.

Jane says that she is very athletic - and she is known for being a skilled tennis player. Working out often to stay fit is important in her life, and it keeps her energy level high. Having a full and busy schedule each day seems to suit Jane just fine. She certainly doesn’t mind getting down in the trenches and working hard for a good cause. Another community leader who has worked closely with Jane paid her this compliment: “Jane is a beautiful lady inside and out. She gives of herself, her time and her heart. She is a good listener, humble and a strong leader. You can count on Jane to complete her commitments.”

One of Jane’s favorite “commitments” is “Cancer League of Colorado”, an organization near and dear for many because it is a volunteer organization with every penny going directly to cancer research and patient care projects here in Colorado. Unique to non-profits, Cancer League has no paid staff and no offices. Mayberry served as the League’s President from 2002 - 2003 and remains very active with CLC today chairing many of their events. Jane was the founder of Cancer League's popular Annual High Tea event at the Brown Palace Hotel which will celebrate its 7th year of success this November.

Mother, wife, organizer and leader, Jane Mayberry, is there to give understanding and support to what moves and inspires her, because she knows it’s the right thing to do. Our community truly benefits from Jane’s focus and presence in the charitable world. Jane says: “I think there are so many worthy causes in the world today. What is important to me is that each of us commit to a cause that captures our heart, and that we do whatever we can to support and further that cause. Causes that include kindness, compassion, and understanding will go a long way towards making our world a better place.”

At this time, what charitable organizations are you involved with? Cancer League of Colorado, Habitat for Humanity, Mercy Housing. I'm also very active in a giving group that I started with a couple of friends two years ago. Our mission has three "legs": First to make a positive difference in the world by raising money which we donate each year to a non-profit that we select. Second, to do tangible work, preferably as a group with the charity we donate money to. And third, to enjoy the fellowship of the members of our group. We are a very inclusive group and welcome new members. The first year of our giving group, we raised enough money to fund two houses in Guatemala, 15 of us from our group traveled to Guatemala and helped to build those homes. It was a wonderful experience to do hard physical labor alongside the future homeowners and others as we worked together to provide simple and decent housing for those in need.

In our second year, we just donated money to a non-profit called “BrainWise”. We plan on working with students through “BrainWise” who are at risk to help them make better choices and change their behaviors to help turn their lives around.

What charitable event do you really look forward to attending each year? Cancer League of Colorado's annual Spring Gala because it is such a worthy cause and our biggest fundraiser and is always so much fun and has the best silent auction of them all!

How did you become so passionate about Cancer League of Colorado? A very good friend of mine, Susan Brock, who was living in Minneapolis, had been dealing with cancer (double masectomy) had a re-occurrence and died shortly after I moved to Colorado. She was such a kind, smart, and compassionate person and her death was a loss to many people, including me. Edie Marks asked me to get involved with the Board of CLC. I wanted to do something for the cause to stop cancer, as a tribute to my friend. I really liked the mission of CLC, and the fact that we are all volunteers with no paid staff, with much of our fundraising proceeds going to "seed money" to fund leading edge research to fight/find a cure for cancer, as well as to help those who are battling cancer with our service grants.

Since I have been deeply involved with CLC and I have made some heartfelt friendships with women and men involved with the cause. We all are hard working and so committed to the mission of finding a cure for cancer, it is inspiring for me to be involved every year to be in the same "orbit" as these dedicated, generous and fun folks.

Do you and your husband have a favorite vacation spot? The older I get, the more my body seeks heat and warmth. I love to travel to Hawaii or really anyplace that is warm (I don't thaw out until the temperature hits 80!) and has an ocean. My husband, Mark, is far more flexible in his temperature ranges. He still loves going skiing as well as going to an ocean spot with me.

If you were to write an autobiography, what would the title be? "Here, There, Everywhere: Striving for Loving-Kindness."

Do you have a quote or saying that has helped guide you through life? Recently I saw this quote on a bumper sticker and I thought, that sums up my philosophy about life quite neatly. It is: "The world is my country, kindness is my religion."

What is something you absolutely can’t live without? Air! Also, I adore cats!

What else besides your charity work are you focusing on these days? Ever since his birth 16 years ago, my son has been the highest priority in my life and continues to be today, even though he needs me in different ways these days than in the past; I want to be there for him. It is still fascinating to watch him grow and learn and become his own unique self.

I also do management training and development for businesses here in Denver and in other parts of the country. I have done this for over 15 years and still find it very satisfying and productive work.

I also am a very physical person; always have been. I remember being in elementary school when President Kennedy introduced his P.E. focus for kids. It clicked with me and I have been active ever since. These days I play lots of singles tennis. I also cross train with spinning classes, which I am becoming addicted to -- it is a fantastic work out. I love leaving class dripping with sweat! I also know that I can indulge in some chocolate, guilt free, that evening.

And last, but far, far from least -- in fact, he is the best -- I focus on the light of my life, my husband, Mark Korell. We are partners through thick and thin.

Who is your hero, and why? Several: Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King, Jr., Jimmy Carter, the Dali Lama, and Steve Martin. The first three because through their commitment to kindness and compassion and courage have made our world a more positive place. The Dali Lama and Jimmy Carter are still doing this every day. Mr. Martin because he makes me laugh...just looking at him makes me chuckle!

Does (or did) anything ever test your patience? Intolerance. Self-righteous people really try my patience.

What can automatically make you laugh? My son, Tommy, can make me laugh very easily. He very good at mimicking (especially me) in a way that makes me see the silly side of people and myself.

What can make you cry? Injustice done to others, including animals.

What do you do to keep your high energy up? Exercise helps me so much both in mind (it clears out my mental cobwebs) and body (it keeps me strong). Reflection also helps my energy levels. And noticing the beauty in the nature around me is very inspiring. I love taking long walks deep into areas that aren't developed -- mountains, beaches, woods -- nature renews, energizes, and connects me. Mother Nature is my cathedral.

What would you still like to learn how to do? Speak Spanish fluently. I would like to know more than one language and Spanish would be a good one to learn because I there are many people I could practice with! I think it would be fun to speak to others in their native tongue.

What do you consider a priceless gift? A lesson learned.