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What better way to celebrate the start of “Springtime in the Rockies” than by featuring one of Colorado’s most popular figures – the divine Jean Galloway!

Jean, who is a credit to the Community Relations industry, has gained extensive experience from her 35 years of working in the greater Denver community, 13 of which were spent at 9KUSA as vice president of Community Relations. During her career, she has developed strong relationships within the business, political, and nonprofit communities. During her time at 9NEWS, Galloway established an exemplary record of achievement working with a talented team to effectively position 9NEWS as the community leader in Denver. Due to these efforts, Galloway’s name is synonymous with programs such as 9Health Fair, 9WHO CARE, 9CARES…Colorado Shares, and Buddy Check 9.

Jean is rich in friends and business contacts. She is a co-founder of one of Denver’s most “well oiled” events, Western Fantasy, which raises funds for Volunteers of America. Jean just beams when she talks about her involvement with VOA and the year after year success of the event.

Jean’s passion for what she does comes through loud and clear as she enthuses: “I was so blessed to find what I love to do!” As many know, there aren’t too many people around who quite have their “finger on the pulse” of our city like Jean Galloway.

Always a shining light in our community, and always open to exploring new ideas, Jean Galloway makes people feel comfortable and at ease around her. Aside from her soothing qualities, Jean has outstanding leadership abilities coupled with character and beauty. What comes through most is her inner beauty that mesmerizes you when you are in her presence.

Enjoying every minute of her successful career, Jean Galloway shows no sign of slowing down or of changing her famed, grounded approach to helping put all the pieces together. We can only hope that the lady who makes all the “right moves” will reject any thoughts of ever kicking back.

Jean Galloway has built a life and a reputation to be proud of. She holds a special place in the hearts of the Denver community for her innovation - and integrity. An eternal optimist, Jean Galloway has gained enormous respect by focusing her energy on projects that draw attention to the needs of others through her expertise in the areas of strategic philanthropy and cause marketing.

Kim Christiansen of Channel 9 News, who has known Jean for many years, may have nailed it by describing Jean in this way: "Elegant, classy, and simply the best. She knows everyone in this city, and they all love her. She dreams big and connects people and groups that need one another. There isn't anything I wouldn't do for her!”

Who is the most interesting person you have ever met? My father was the most interesting person I've ever known.

What word(s) best describes your life right now? Very busy but extremely rewarding. I'm having fun!

What charitable organizations are you involved with at this time? Rose Community Foundation, Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce - though that's really civic, Governor's Residence Preservation Fund - started by Jeannie Ritter, Goodwill Industries, Denver Health and Volunteers of America.

Is there a non-profit event you really look forward to attending each year? Western Fantasy...of course, I'm biased but I love this event!

What is your fondest childhood memory? This is one of many (I had a great childhood), but being a foreign exchange student in high school to Holland was life changing.

Who is your hero? My husband, Dr. Ben Galloway, and my daughters, Cindy Kellogg and Katie Seawell (they're amazing women!)

What is your idea of a perfect vacation? For me it's all about relaxation with people I care to be with.

What is your idea of a perfect girls’ night out? A quiet dinner at a lovely restaurant and a fine martini!

How do you stay so motivated and committed? I have this unbelievable passion for what I do... I also surround myself with young, bright, energetic's also in my genes!

When does someone know when it’s time to move on? I believe your inner clock will tell you.

Do you feel women have made progress in their quest to be treated fairly and equally in the workplace? Yes, but it's still two steps forward and one back.

How does the “seasoned” woman compete in a marketplace that is focused on looking and being young? You take care of yourself, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Appreciate your wisdom and life experience, but always be open to learning new ways and embracing new ideas.

What book are you reading now – or what was the last book you read? “A Thousand Splendid Suns”...I couldn't put it down. It's thought provoking and chilling.

Do you have a ‘fashion addiction’? No, but my husband does...he truly is my fashion advisor and buys all of my good clothes. I wouldn't take the time or spend the money he does.

What do you have to say to all the young women out there ready to take on the future? Advice for younger women: Go for the gusto, however you define hard, laugh often, don't take yourself too seriously, cherish relationships with family and friends.

Aside from your beautiful family, what inspires you the most? Bringing my knowledge base and leadership skills to impact organizations and causes important to our community. Weaving that effort into growing a business dedicated to that mission.

How do you want to be remembered by future generations? It's really quite simple, loving wife, mother, and grand-mother - to five extraordinary people (hopefully there will be more grand-children!). In addition, friend and mentor to some very special people with whom I've shared this life’s journey.

Jean Galloway’s Community Involvement and a few of her Honors: Galloway’s leadership has been recognized in Denver and on the national scene. Honors include Outstanding Woman in Business in the field of communication by the Denver Business Journal in 2002, Emerging Business of the Year by the Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce in 2004, and Presenting Mentor for the 2006 Celebration for Young Entrepreneurs. She served a three-year term as national chair for the Volunteers of America, Inc. Board of Directors, one of the country’s oldest and largest human service organizations. Galloway has been an active fund raiser for the organization, co-creating Western Fantasy, the largest charitable event ever to be held in the state of Colorado and the largest fund-raiser in the country for Volunteers of America. Galloway is a current member of the Rose Community Foundation Board of Trustees and the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. She is also past chair of the Downtown Denver Partnership, past member of the Board of Trustees of The Denver Foundation and

Through her efforts, successful initiatives were created for the following: The YMCA’s Janet’s Camp, the First American State Bank Fitness Festival, Denver Health’s Newborns in Need Campaign and Young Americans Education Foundation, and the Young Entrepreneurs’ Program.