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By his own admission, Joe Hubbard is somewhat of a workaholic. Although his job as Manager of Personal Financial Services Group at Price Waterhouse Coopers keeps him pretty busy, it hasn’t kept him from making the time to give back to his community, and to enjoy some of the finer things in life. He’s an avid skier, he just bought a home a few blocks form Wash Park, he has a first rate wine collection and is planning a jaunt to Argentina in a few months to learn how to fly fish. He’s also is the founding president of the American Wine society Denver Chapter, serves on the Foundation Board the Denver Mile High Rotary Club and is on the Corporate Development Board for the Denver Art Museum.

Clearly he is proof that his motto, “Hard work always pays off” is true. Joe grew up in San Lois Obispo, California, the youngest of seven children. “I grew up in a house full of kids,” says Joe. “When I went away to school, I had to get used to not sharing a room.” After graduating from college in California, Joe wanted to go to grad school and specialize in taxation and DU offered him a full scholarship. Talk about hard work, he completed the program in a year.

After a stint in Las Vegas where he worked at Arthur Anderson as a tax consultant, Joe longed for the outdoor lifestyle of Denver instead of. the party life of Las Vegas so he moved back here and has never considered leaving. “I love Denver,” says Joe. “I’m constantly getting offers to transfer to San Francisco and I wont even consider it. Here, I can live the active lifestyle that I love -mountain biking, sailing, snow skiing, and I really enjoy the change of seasons.”

About a year ago, Joe teamed up with restaurateur /chef/ Master Sommelier Ken Fredrickson of Adega, and the Denver Athletic Club to found the Denver Chapter of the American Wine Society. Their most recent shindig, raised over $7,000 for charity.

In the future, Joe says he’d like to travel a bit more and go on some wine tasting tours in France and Italy. But for now, he’s happy and busy. He encourages anyone interested in wine to get in touch with him. Membership in the American Wine Society is open to the general public and when you join locally, you get a national membership too. The local chapter meets monthly, and has some impressive tastings, parties and lectures slated for 2003. So what makes the top of the list for this connoisseur? “There are so many great bottles of wine,” says Joe. “My favorite though is Cakebread Reserve Chardonnay or Pineridge Cabernet.”

What are your volunteer activities? I’m the founding President of the American Wine society, I serve on the Foundation Board the Denver Mile High Rotary Club and last year, served as the speaker chairman. I am also on the Corporate Development Board for the Denver Art Museum, and on the Committee for the Denver Art Museum uncorked committee.

Which social event is your favorite? American Wine Society Tastings and the Denver Art Museum Uncorked Tastings.

Favorite Restaurant: Adega, Morton’s and the Denver Athletic Club where they spoil me.

Who is your hero and why? Superman because he gets to wear tights and he’s still cool and Bob Woodward because he always gets to the truth.

Who is the most interesting celebrity you have ever met? Bill O’Reilly from the O’Reilly factor. I met him at the Junior Achievement key lecture series and he is a lot more arrogant and abrasive in person than he appears on TV.

If your life were a movie, whom would you want to play your part? If it were a drama, then Tom Hanks and if it were a comedy then Randy Quaid.

Do you have any Pets? I adopted a sweetheart of a dog, a four and a half year old Rottweiler named Susie Q.

When you move, what will your home tell its next owner, about you? He had the foresight to hire a good interior decorator; there are some things a CPA shouldn’t try.

What one word describes you best? Workaholic

How would you like others to describe you? Dedicated, smart and fun loving

What was your first job? Paper boy for the local paper back home in 6,7 and 8th grade

What is the trait you most deplore in yourself? Sometimes I’m a little too judgmental

What is the trait you most deplore in others? Lack of integrity

What is your greatest indulgence? Good food and wine

What is the best gift you have ever received? I have a membership on a private water ski lake up north where we have no electricity and no appliances. So I had a craving for some ice cream, but you can’t buy a hand crank ice cream maker anymore. So my friends found one on the Internet and had it restored and gave it to me. We sat around all summer making hand cranked ice cream after a hard day of water skiing. There was a lot of thought and hard work that went into it buying that for me- of course my friends benefited from it too! The ice cream was great and kids love it.

What or who is the greatest love of your life? What would be water and snow skiing and who would be still looking.

What is your current state of mind? Juggling between happy and pickled.

What do you consider your greatest achievement? I ran for public office and won a seat on the Republican Party Board of Directors at the county level, when I was still a college student. I was the second highest vote getter in the state. Also, I got a scholarship to graduate school at DU and got through it in one year and I am proud of that. Also founding the American Wine society chapter, which I still get the rewards from every month.

What is your most treasured possession? My new house in Wash Park, which the dog likes too, it’s four blocks from the park.

What is the quality you most like in a man? Integrity

What is the quality you most like in a woman? Loyalty

Any favorite books, favorite writers? Anything by Grisham or Bob Woodward

What is the best advice you have ever received? Luck is where opportunity meets preparation.

Which historical figure do you most identify with? Gerald Ford because I’m always stumbling down stairs and I thought he was a great president, although a little before my time.