Have You Met?

Hard to believe it’s been a little over two decades since the Honorable Judge Robert P. Fullerton married my husband and me on the patio of the Wellshire Restaurant. How nice it was to get together with Bob and his wife Beverlee Henry to chat and reminisce.

Judge Fullerton is the same optimistic, amicable, even-keeled person he was back then. Still living every minute of his life to the fullest, he had just gone skiing the day before (which he has managed to do 12 months out of the year by skiing St. Mary’s Glacier during the summer). Bob Fullerton continues to perform as a Judge Pro-tem doing arbitration throughout Colorado. Somehow we should have known that the rumors of his retirement were greatly exaggerated.

Beverlee came to Colorado from St. Louis County, Missouri where her family goes back four generations to 1836. Beverlee is an elegant, considerate, gracious lady who is so efficient she doesn’t seem to miss a beat. She still works full time as a Realtor/Broker Associate and is highly respected in her industry. Beverlee also keeps up on today’s music, trends, and current events and is disciplined about staying physically active for all the health benefits.

Judge Fullerton’s family has a rich Colorado history that includes many community endeavors. Bob’s great-grandfather came to Colorado in 1859 - arriving in Auraria (which is now Denver).

With their feet firmly planted on the ground, Judge Fullerton and Beverlee have been a (somewhat under-the-radar) driving force in the community – both separately and together - for many years. We hope they will continue to make a mark with their presence and on-going contributions to Colorado for a long time to come.

Judge, so nice to talk with you after all of these years; right off the bat, since it’s been almost 21 years since you married us, let me ask you what you believe is the key to a successful marriage? Willingness to compromise, being flexible and thoughtful.

Why do you think our divorce rate is still so high in this country? Too much focus on the self – and not on their spouse. Not trying hard enough to succeed.

Is there a charitable event you both really look forward to attending each year? The Arapahoe House “Pillars of the Community” event.

Judge Fullerton, You come from a long line of Colorado community leaders, tell us about a few of your family’s involvement with charitable giving? What stands out the most: My mother was involved with Goodwill Industries for many years, and my brother Don was one of the founders of the Lion’s Club Eye Institute, and my brother, Paul is a longtime supporter and former Board Member of Porter Hospital.

How did you acquire the wisdom of a King Solomon to become a judge? My Grandmother & Mother influenced me to be fair and considerate to everyone. The same kind of lessons were handed down to Bev by her parents.

Judge, did you have a mentor in your early law years? Yes, Tony Zarlengo. He sent me to court to handle his smaller cases, and he coached me on technique.

When the two of you first met, what is the first thing you noticed about each other? Bob: Her beautiful brown eyes. Bev: I noticed that Bob had a very interesting suit and tie on; he definitely had a certain way of pulling it all together.

Tell us about your first date? It was an apprentice performance and dessert party at the Columbine Country Club for the Central City Opera.

As a couple, what’s your first priority? The uniting of our families together from our prior marriages.

What qualities do you admire in each other? Bob: Bev’s intelligence and her homemaker talents. Bev: Bob’s loyalty & fidelity.

What do you have most in common? Our interest in cultural activities (opera, theatre, concerts), skiing, golf, travel, entertaining –and our love of family and friends.

They say sometimes opposites attract; what is the most different thing about the two of you? Bob: Shamefully, I am a procrastinator, and Bev is highly organized and efficient.

Where do both of you like to go in Colorado for a romantic dinner? The “Palace Arms” at the Brown Palace Hotel.

What are some of your favorite vacation spots? Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, Italy, Greece & Tahiti.

What is the biggest challenge each of you have ever had? Bob: Trying murder cases and custody cases. Bev: Supporting and raising three children.

Tell us about a family tradition? Not unique, getting our family together for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

How do both of you want to be remembered by future generations? Bob: As a fair, impartial, competent judge & for being fair & respectful to people of all ages, colors, nationalities and gender.
Bev: For being a Founder of the Colorado Association of Realtors Housing Opportunity Foundation (CARHOF). CARHOF is a charitable foundation that we created for the purpose of promoting safe, decent and affordable housing for all in Colorado – especially for the homeless, victims of domestic violence, first-time homebuyers, “Habitat for Humanity”, victims of a natural disaster and more. We collect interest on escrow accounts and donate the money to nonprofit and public agencies that help low to moderate income families with their housing needs. Made up of volunteers from the real estate industry, the banking industry, the Colorado Housing Authority - and the public sector, each local Board of Realtors has a CARHOF representative who directs the activities of the foundation in their community.

What are you most looking forward to in the future? More travel and retirement fun, and family events.

The Fullerton’s Awards & Community Involvement: (a partial list):

Judge Fullerton: Received the Judicial Excellence Award by the Denver Bar Association in 1987. Member of the Denver Bar Association Seniors Committee. Judge Fullerton serves or has served on the following Boards: Denver Public Schools Foundation, National Sports Center for the Disabled, Denver Bar Association, Central City Opera House Association, Fairmount Cemetery Company, Initiated the “Parenting After Divorce” Program, Colorado Arlberg Club, Colorado Judicial Institute, and Judge Fullerton was Co-President with wife, Beverlee, of the Friends of Arapahoe House.

Beverlee Henry Fullerton: Realtor of the Year in 1987. Bev has the honorary distinction of being the first female President of the Metropolitan Club having served in 1993-94. She is or has been active with - and on many Boards - of organizations such as: The Juvenile Diabetes Foundation & the National Committee for JDF, Arapahoe House, Central City Opera, Opera Colorado, Parkinson’s of the Rockies, Newman Center for the Performing Arts, the Humanities Institute of DU, CARHOF (Colorado Association of Realtors Housing Opportunity Foundation) raising over $5 million in grants back to needy Colorado residents.