Have You Met?

In 2005, Colorado Springs was graced with the arrival of the stunning Katie Carroll. Katie is the Director of Communications and Marketing for the Better Business Bureau of Southern Colorado, and she serves as their spokesperson appearing in the “BBB Eye” a local consumer information TV program that she writes produces, directs and co-hosts. She also hosts “Insights” a public affairs radio show with the same concept.

 Prior to becoming an active Colorado Springs citizen, you might say Ms. Carrol had several exciting, all encompassing, careers in fields some could only dream of such as: acting, broadcasting, modeling, high-powered public relations and marketing, teaching, high-end interior design - as well as defense contracting. The oh so talented – and versatile - Carrol, is a classically trained actress who has performed on and off Broadway and has appeared in major motion pictures, television series and commercials – and has even performed in Moscow, Russia. Right before moving to Colorado to accept the position with the Better Business Bureau, Katie was a highly-acclaimed TV anchor women in Washington State.

 When Katie Carrol came to Colorado Springs, her focus of what’s truly important seemed to take on new meaning, and she has made community service a priority. Katie is on the boards of the Colorado Springs Press Association, the Salvation Army, and the Southern Colorado AIDS Project and is involved with the Citizens Project and the Greenberg Foundation. She is the past president of the Public Relations Society of America – Pikes Peak Chapter - and with sincerity and a lot of heart says: “I encourage social consciousness; it is so important to find ways to help each other.”

Katie Carrol knows her stuff. The dynamic Katie with her abundance of charm is articulate and lovely in every way. Katie is wise and intelligent, and in addition to her good looks, oozes with inner beauty. She is keenly knowledgeable and informed about what’s going on in the world – and she can (like a sage), see both sides of social and political issues. She’s a thinker who gets you thinking as you converse with her. Reflectively and optimistically Katie says: “Life has taken me on a wonderful journey.”

It’s a guarantee, Katie Carrol’s exuberance and vitality will rub off on you. This lady is aware that what can sustain you the most comes from within – and, with conviction she says: “I made 2008 my year for volunteerism.” Keep up the good work, Katie!

You are the Director of Communications and Marketing for the BBB in Colorado Springs, what does you job entail? I am responsible for all aspects of corporate communications – public relations, media relations, writing, producing and hosting a television and radio show, marketing, Web site content, advertising, special events and more.

Tell us a little more abut your television program “The BBB Eye” and your radio show “INSIGHTS”. Our public affairs radio show, is produced by the generous people at Salem Communications. The half-hour program covers all types of community education issues from how to prevent identity theft to how to start a small business.

In November 2004, we introduced our monthly television program, The BBB Eye. This consumer information program forged new pathways in southern Colorado by bringing the services of the Better Business Bureau directly into consumers’ living rooms.

Who is the most interesting person you have ever met? Although I’ve worked with and met a number of celebrities in my role as an actor and a PR person, the most interesting person I’ve ever met lives right here in Colorado Springs. My friend Steve Mullens is an incredibly well-read and wise man. When I first met him he corrected me – a classically trained actor - on MY Shakespeare. I liked him right away! Each time I speak with him, I come away with a deeper understanding of myself, the human condition and the world.

What word best describes your life right now? Changing.

What is your proudest achievement? Two things - 1. Learning the act of forgiveness, 2. Being accepted into the Broadway Theatre Company – Circle Repertory (now called The Lab).

What is your fondest childhood memory? While visiting Singapore in the 1970’s, my father sent my little sister and me to the black market alone, giving us each $200 – which was like two million dollars to us. He told us to bargain hard…..and we did!

If you were to write an autobiography, what would the title of it be? “Survivor – The Earth” (Like from the reality-based TV program “Survivor”)

Who is your hero? All those who have had the courage to positively affect and contribute to the betterment of humanity; All the great spiritual leaders.

How does one hold on to their true self and still become successful? Only by being true to ourselves do we ever achieve what I would call success.

How do you stay so motivated and committed? I’m always moved and inspired by those who live life with courage, passion, kindness and honesty – especially when their life circumstances are more difficult than mine.

Do you feel women have made progress in their quest to be treated fairly and equally in the workplace? Yes, but like all quests of importance, we have father to go. There is still room for women to learn to be more supportive of each other. When one woman succeeds, we all succeed.

How does the “seasoned” woman compete in a marketplace that is focused on looking and being young? It’s difficult because many of us are focused on a person’s outsides. I like to think that every woman has specific strengths that are unique to each particular age. If that doesn’t work, there’s always plastic surgery?

Is there a special “aha” moment in your life when you knew “I get it now!”? My life is full of epiphanies. I come to new understandings all the time.

Is there a saying, motto, or “words to live by” that is your favorite? “This Above All – To Thine Own Self Be True.”

What is your favorite book? Magazine? Movie? Books - I love almost all of the literary classics but especially the Russian authors – Dostoevsky, Tolstoy. Love Emerson and Thoreau. Various poets.

Magazine: - Architectural Digest

Movies – latest favorite is The Bucket List. Really like most movies with Anthony Hopkins and Morgan Freeman.

Do you have a ‘fashion addiction’? Yesssssssss! Shoes. I was a shoe model in NYC for 10 years and used to get designer shoes for free. Now I have to pay for them…

What’s your favorite decadent snack? Two – Caviar or chocolate cupcakes with TONS of butter cream icing.

What is your biggest fear? I fear I will not recognize, and therefore use, any gifts I have been given to be of service to myself and others.

What do you like the most about yourself? I like that I attempt to look at trauma and suffering as an opportunity for personal growth and a chance to deepen my capacity to be compassionate and less judgmental.

What would you still like to learn how to do? Speak Mandarin, Skydive, Swim with the Hammerhead Sharks off the Pacific coast of Costa Rica during their annual migration, Publish and sell a book.

What do you have to say to all the young women out there ready to take on the future? I would tell them to live life with no regrets. Try everything that appeals to you. Don’t listen to those who attempt to discourage you. Throw out the word no. At the start of every profession I have ever been in, most people told me I couldn’t do it – for a multitude of reasons. I learned to look for the one person/opportunity that said yes! If your heart tells you to do or be something, do it.

I know this sounds “heavy”, but if today was the last day of your life? What would you do with it? I would apologize to everyone I have ever wronged or hurt in my life.

Tell us about some of the projects you are working on now? I’m writing a book about one of the many life-changing events I’ve experienced. I’ll tell you about it after I sign a book deal……..:-).

You serve on several Boards, what non-profit organizations are you involved with at this time? I really like being a part of the Southern Colorado Aids Project (S-CAP). The board itself is so accomplished and I am lucky to work with such high caliber people on a very important issue. I also really like the work of the Greenberg Foundation for Learning and Tolerance They have such an admirable sense of social consciousness. The work they do to create awareness of world issues like the Holocaust and the genocide in Darfur is crucial.

Have you figured out your calling in life? No. Every time I think I’ve got it figured out, something happens in life that alters my course. Although it doesn’t feel like it at the time, I believe change happens in order for me to continue to evolve and grow.

You have done many incredible things in your professional life, what gave you the strength and determination to go out and pursue the challenging careers you had? Thank you for saying that. Both my fathers were Marine Corps Officers. Weakness and laziness were not options. It was a difficult upbringing but these expectations have served me well.

When do you feel you are most in your element? In the water – sailing, scuba diving, swimming. On stage in the theatre. Working in television. I feel connected when I am engaged in positive communication.

What do you feel most dedicated to at this point in your life and what do you want to make your mark doing? I hope to be on a path that leads me to being the best, most authentic version of myself. Professionally, I’d like to work to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

How do you want to be remembered? I’d like those who know me to remember me as a loving, kind, compassionate and fun person who had a positive affect on their lives.