Have You Met?

It was smooth crooner Nat King Cole who sang “Unforgettable – That’s what you are….” - and when you see Denver’s own immensely talented, hilarious to sultry (versatile) star singer Lannie Garrett perform, you surely won’t be able to forget her.

Ms. Garrett is known for her ability to connect with her audience and her undeniable stage presence. As the KVOD Radio critic wrote in his review of her show: “Lannie was her usual personable, sultry, sexy self, and her band was fantastic!” The Rocky Mountain News wrote: “Big Band Fun! Lannie can belt out a torch song like nobody else!”

The “real” Lannie Garrett is soulful, vivid, and candidly real. Lannie welcomes you with open arms; and she quietly does her share of community volunteering especially when it comes to children who are in need of guidance and some extra love and attention.

As a performer, Lannie is a perfectionist. With her rich voice, Lannie Garrett is an entertainment “tour de force.” Ms. Garrett will always prevail because of her natural talent, charisma - and her ability to express the power that love and laughter can have on all of us.

If you need a Lannie fix, you can see her perform at her intimate showroom downtown, “Lannie’s Clocktower Cabaret” where she packs them in for her many shows from her “standing room” only Patsy DeCline – The DeCline and Fall of Country Western Civilization” to her jazz and jump show, “A Slick Chick on the Mellow Side.”

The passionate, founding diva of super star entertainment in Colorado also will headline with her band on Saturday, May 12th, at this year’s Cancer League of Colorado “Hollywood 1940 – Black and White Gala” at the Marriott City Center. Tickets can be bought on-line through Blacktie-Colorado “Buy Tickets” - or by calling 303-663-2105.

Do you have a favorite childhood memory you can share with us? Not a great question for me. Not many good memories back then.......Dancing was my distraction. Dance lessons, and my 2nd grade school teacher who loved me.

When did you first know you could sing? I didn't know (and still don't) that I can sing, but as a very little girl I knew I could entertain people. I think that sort of thing is in the DNA--I always danced and wanted to act or perform.

When and where was your first performance? I was two, at a department store in Chicago with my mom, I wandered off, I took off all my clothes and put on a purple hat I nabbed in the accessories department and sang "Jesus loves Me" to a dumbstruck crowd of onlookers.

What do you consider your best performance ever (everything just clicked), and where was it? It was opening a show for Ray Charles with my big band at Fiddler's Green. The band rocked and the crowd was with us, we got a standing ovation at the end of the set and an encore. Ray Charles is my musical hero, so it was a most amazing feeling to be on the same stage and have his audience respond to us in such a positive way.

What do you do to get mentally psyched up and inspired to go out and perform? I worry about everything and every person having a good time, like a person having a party in their own house. I walk the house, tweaking the placement of the tables and chairs, picking up lint from the stage and always...a nice glass of red wine to calm the nerves.

We have heard you love to go “Thrift Store Shopping,” what is the coolest thing you’ve picked up at a Thrift Shop? A green street sign that reads: Patsy Avenue"

You have done a lot of charitable work in the community; can you talk about a few of them? The thing I am most proud of and involved in is Denver Kids Program, a mentoring program akin to Big Sisters that is provided through the Denver School system. I started with them in 1993.

Is there a social or charitable event you look forward to attending each year? I really enjoy the Choice Affairs event for Planned Parenthood that I sing at each year. People buy tickets to attend different gatherings at people's houses around the city. I get to sing at a gorgeous mansion, it's a small intimate gathering and the concert is followed by a lovely, catered dinner in a magnificent garden.

You are the star performer at this year’s “Hollywood 1940 Black and White Gala” for the Cancer League of Colorado. Cancer has affected so many people in different ways; do you have a personal story you can share with us? We've all lost friends to cancer and had friends who have gone through chemo and put up the good fight.

Who is your favorite male & female singer of all times? Ray Charles/Sam Cooke/Marvin Gaye---Aretha, Bonnie Raitt.

Who do you admire among the “new crop” of singers? I can't stand the "over-singing" that so many of them do. I like the lead singer in Gnarls Barkley. I like Pink, she's an original and she's smart.

What are your thoughts about the incredible success of American Idol? I'm addicted. I confess. I am in awe that these young people can get up every week and compete against one another with such poise. It takes nerves of steel and an inner confidence that is just amazing to me. I love seeing them grow every week.

Do you have any regrets about the career path you have chosen? No, it's all I ever wanted to do. I am amazed that I get to do it! In a few years, I'll wish I had studied psychology; I'd love to be a therapist of some sort. The hours are better!

Is there something you would still like to learn how to do? (speak another language, skydive?) A dream: I want to learn Spanish so I can retire in Mexico and work with kids...I want to take painting classes so when I'm an old lady I can spend my time painting sunflowers....

What do you like to do with your time when you aren’t performing? I love decorating my house, thrift shopping for bargains. I have a pretty garden and love to care for it and develop it each year.

What is your favorite vacation spot in the world? Haven't found it yet, but I loved the South of France when I was there briefly. Santa Fe is driving distance so it's a great spot for a short term getaway.

What do you wish you knew then that you know now? Save 10% of every paycheck the day you start working!

What do you think is the secret to living a happy life? Get therapy.

What does the future hold for the beautiful and talented Lannie Garrett? I want to build a life with someone, slow down and be a great partner in a healthy, joy filled, passionate relationship.

What do you hope you will be most remembered for? My sense of humor.