Have You Met?

(Larry Fanning passed away this month - December 2014.  This Have You Met says a lot about how Mr. Fanning lived his life... with honesty and doing what he loved.)

Larry Fanning is a very talented artist, known by many for his beautiful depictions of wildlife. Larry has never had any formal education in art. “I was born with this talent and didn’t appreciate the talent I had until my later years.” When Larry was younger, he didn’t take art seriously and always chose to do something else with his life. He started his art career at age fifty. “My peers were into their art about thirty years before me. I had a lot of catching up to do.”

Although Larry didn’t focus on a career in art when he was younger, he was always involved in a creative area. He spent seventeen years as a minister, was a motivational speaker and had a talk show on KGIL Radio in Los Angeles based on physiological and metaphysical things as well as general topics. He worked for a variety of ad agencies and had his artwork published by the Mill Pond Press.

Larry fell in love with the Rocky Mountains on a trip through here and when he decided to change directions, it was where he decided to settle. “I moved to Denver when I made up my mind to take the leap into fine art. I created six or eight pieces and made up a little book. I sent them to galleries and my work began to sell.” That was the beginning. His art is dedicated to scenes of the American West and of Wildlife: particularly historical and present day North America.

Larry has won numerous awards in the art world and his artwork has been published by Mill Pond Press. He’s been featured on the covers of many publications and has been the recipient of a host of articles. He was elected to membership in the Society of Animal Artists, has two paintings that were selected for the National Museums Tour and his “Colorado Buffalo” piece was selected for display in the Colorado State Capitol.


What is important in your life? Not to waste it.

What’s in your future?My life is wound tightly around my wife, Wanda. We intend to further our efforts in the fine art field. I will have a one man show at the Wildlife Experience next September, which will last three or four months.

What are your volunteer activities? My major volunteer activities presently focus on the Wildlife Experience Museum. I support and give time when and where I can. A few years ago it was every night; now it’s one time a week. We now have a balance.

What social event is your favorite? Western Fantasy, Golden Ball, Carrousel Ball and the Kempe Foundation events

Favorite restaurant? Del Fresco

Who is the most interesting celebrity you have met? Bob Garson a tenor with the Sportsman Quartet. He played with Jack Benny and we became life long friends. The first celebrity I ever met was Rock Hudson and I have to mention John Elway, who is also a collector of my paintings.

Do you have any pets? Two Himalayan cats that we work for daily. Our malamute passed on.

When you move what will your home tell its next owner about you? We’ve put a lot into our home. We really cared about where we lived and it’s a great place to entertain.

What word describes you best? Intense

How would you like others to describe you? Authentic

What is the trait you most deplore in yourself? Lack of patience

What trait do you most deplore in others? Lack of honesty

What is your greatest indulgence? Good food and nice restaurants and spending beyond my means.

What was your first job? A mechanical artist with Boeing Aircraft

What type of clothes do you like? Formal

Who is the greatest love in your life? My gracious wife, Wanda

What do you like about the town in which you live? Evergreen is the perfect size: at once, not too big or too small.

What quality do you most admire in men? Honesty

What quality do you most admire in women? Honesty

What is your current state of mind? Clear and positive

What do you consider your greatest achievement? As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become a little wiser with age. That’s a great achievement!

What is your most favored possession? My home

One of your favorite books? The Road Less Traveledby M. Scott Peck

What is the best advice you have ever received? “Never fall in love with your own accomplishments.”

Do you have a motto? “By Example Truth.”

If you could come back in another lifetime, what/who would you like to be? And why? Myself. Coming back returns you to new and different opportunities.

What are your hobbies? Other interests? I don’t have hobbies, but I would like to do more cooking. It’s artistic. I’m interested in philosophy, wild life and the American epic.

Don’t have one. You can learn a little bit from so many people.

What would you most like to be remembered for? That I was honest in my efforts in life and dealing with people

If you could go anywhere and do anything, what would it be? I am personifying the answer. I am doing and going where I want to go.