Have You Met?

There are some people you meet that are just plain warm and lovely, and that’s the way I felt from the get go about Lynn Wong.  Lynn is once again taking the reigns of the Fine Arts Foundation as their President; and they couldn’t have anyone more dedicated to keeping the arts alive and the Fine Arts Foundation’s mission of “enriching life in Colorado by supporting the arts.”

From Canada, Lynn and her orthopedic surgeon husband, David, were high school sweethearts and reconnected in college which led to their marriage in 1973.  Lynn became an x-ray technician and also a teacher who was in charge of a hospital-based program.  Lynn and David moved to the Denver area in 1984.   

When the Wong’s two daughters were born, Lynn became a full-time mom, a role that fit her perfectly.  Katherine was a Fine Arts Foundation Debutante in 2007, and Caroline held that distinctive honor in 2010. 

Friend, Community Leader and Fine Arts Foundation board member, Mary McNicholas, praises Lynn by saying: Lynn is very professional, diligent and organized - and very smart.  Everyone in the organization likes her, and you can always count on her to help out.  Lynn is a great listener and comes with new ideas we can implement.  She knows what we need to keep doing and what needs to change.  She did an awesome job as the Ball Chair this last year, and she is very good on resources, research and budgets.  Our company, Rendezvous Catering, enjoyed working with her, and my daughter, Shannon, said she was so easy to reach and coordinate with on the catering we did for the Ball." 

Lynn Wong is a delightful asset to our community and believes we can keep the arts going from generation to generation.  She has this as a vision for tomorrow: “To keep up with an ever-changing world, we need totally new energy coming from our young people who will be the Fine Arts Foundation members of the future!”     


When did you know you would love being involved with all the fine arts we have in our beautiful State of Colorado?  Moving here from Toronto, I was impressed by the diversity and excellence of the theatre, museums and performance arts.  When I met the incredible women of the Fine Arts Foundation, I knew that I’d found an organization that I wanted to be involved with.

What are some of your goals as President of the Fine Arts Foundation this year - What will be your main focus?  All organizations hope to increase their membership and expand their fundraising.   As an all-volunteer organization, I hope to see more of our members take an active role in the Fine Arts Foundation.  I would like to increase awareness of the Fine Arts Foundation Endowment in the coming year.

How important do you think it is to carry on the tradition of the Debutante Programs?  I asked my daughter for her thoughts about this question.  She valued her experience as a FAF Debutante and felt that part of the Debutante program value was that it helped to instill an understanding of traditional values and a knowledge of etiquette. The Debutante year encourages the girls to meet and interact socially outside their circle of friends and with young ladies from other schools which is so important as they leave home for college.  

What positive effects have you seen in your daughters since they were both debs for the Fine Arts Foundation?  Both of my daughters are happy & successful in their careers.  The etiquette and life skills reinforced by their Debutante experience has certainly helped them.  The Debutante program increased their maturity and self assurance and they both became more appreciative and knowledgeable about the arts in Denver.

How has the program changed through the years…. And have the debutantes changed?  The Fine Arts Foundation holds to its traditions and values.  There have been location changes but the Ball is still very similar to earliest predecessors.  We continue to focus on creating a fun and interesting experience for the Debutante and her entire family.

What are some of the other organizations you are involved with?  Denver Center Alliance / Central City Opera / Junior League (Sustainer)

 Besides the Fine Arts Foundation events, what are some of the other events you enjoy attending each year?   Western Fantasy, Saturday Night Alive, Hattitude.

What do you consider your best trait?  Commitment.  It is very important to me that if I say that I will do something, that I follow through.

What do you think is the biggest problem we face in this country today?  Malaise.   People seem so overwhelmed by all of the current problems that they’ve given up believing that they can help make a change.

What are your favorite words of wisdom or a favorite quote?  Carpe Diem.   Seize the day - it’s my responsibility to make sure that I get the best out of my time.

 What is a typical weekend like for you Golf, family time, being outdoors and visiting my daughter in Summit County.  We also take many ‘long’ weekends and travel internationally. 

Besides your children, what do you consider your greatest achievement? My marriage - we married young but have managed to grow up together through medical school, moving to Colorado and raising our daughters.  Our marriage has given us the strength and base to achieve our goals. 

With so much emphasis on youth and looking young these days, how does a woman in her 40's, 50's - and up - stay involved, viable and appreciated?  Stop looking in the mirror?  But seriously, staying involved is what keeps anyone viable and appreciated. 

How do we get our young people more involved with the Arts?  Create events that are fun and attractive for a younger group.  Encourage their involvement in committees and leadership roles.  Listen to their ideas and help them develop an appreciation for traditional FAF values.

What's in the future for Lynn Wong?  Where do you see yourself 5 years from now  Continue to stay active and involved in the causes and organizations that I believe in.  

 If you could go back to your teen years, what advice would you give yourself?  Just do your best and trust your instincts.   

How do you want to be remembered?  As a good organizer and consensus builder.