Have You Met?

It’s heartwarming to see a business owner be so giving to their community and involved in social responsibility. Pam Savage and her husband, Curt Sims, are the owners of the “dynamic and hip” – cantina style - Lime Restaurants in Denver and have donated their delectable food and time to several worthy non-profit events.

If the name Pam Savage rings a bell, that’s no surprise, because the creative and talented Pam is one of Colorado’s favorite performing “shining stars” in the world of live R&B music. Pam Savage would bring the house down when she performed at places such as Basin’s Up; and now she’s bringing prepared daily “from scratch” food, with the freshest ingredients, to the tables at Lime Restaurants for us to enjoy.

So how many talents can one person have? If you are Pam Savage, you have been blessed with several. Not only is she an incredible singer and musician, but she is now being touted as one of the top chefs - and menu creators - in the city.

In addition to being a mom to two active boys ages 13 and 14 (and her well-known finesse in the kitchen), Pam loves to ride her bike, and tries to get out for long rides often. Having children seems to have been a turning point in Pam’s life coming from such an energy-charged (and at times demanding and unpredictable) environment as the entertainment world. When asked how her life has changed in the last 20 years, Pam responded: “I can't think of much that hasn't changed! I am very lucky that I have gotten to stay home and be with my sons. I am much more judicious about how I spend my time and who I spend it with.”

Honest, caring, - and with a strong work ethic, Pam is no quitter and has learned to juggle her responsibilities as a mother, wife, and business owner with ease. One thing you can be sure of is failure doesn’t seem to be an option for “rock-solid” Pam Savage-Sims in any area of her life.

When did you first know you could sing? I have always sung.

When and where was your first performance? We used to put on musicals in the neighborhood I grew up in Pittsburgh. West Side Story, The Sound of Music, God spell, Jesus Christ Superstar...We had lots of girls in the neighborhood that could sing. Molly McCloskey went on to be Miss Molly on Romper Room! So we really had a great talent base to work with!

What do you consider your best performance ever (everything just clicked), and where was it? I really enjoyed playing at Basin's Up/I Beam with Eric Gunnison, Bob Rebholz, Randy Chavez, Kirwan Brown with drummers Steve Ivey and Mike Marlier. They are such amazing musicians that every week when we played there was always one "moment" that took my breath away. It was a very special time, and I felt very lucky to have been included.

What did you do to get mentally psyched up and inspired to go out and perform? I really didn't have any prep - really. You have to understand that I sang 5 or 6 nights a week for 4 or 5 hours. It was a job. We all tried to make it special every night, but realistically it was impossible. I was glad later in my career when it wasn't such a job.

Do you have a favorite childhood memory you can share with us? From the ages of 3-6, I lived in Jamaica with my family. My Dad worked for Alcoa, and we were stationed there. We lived in a large house with all sorts of tropical trees.

Who is your favorite male & female singer of all times? I love Michael McDonald. I really don't have a specific female...Etta James, Aretha, Chaka Kahn.

Who do you admire among the new crop of singers? Anyone that can write their own material! I love John Mayer.

What are your thoughts about the incredible success of American Idol? I watch it with my sons. There is an amazing amount of pressure on the contestants most of whom have never sung for any length of time. Your voice is a muscle and has to get "in shape" just like an athlete. It is a boot camp to be sure. Add on that the criticism and living under a microscope; it’s a wonder they survive!

Do you have any regrets about any of the career path you have chosen? Nope.

You have done a lot of charitable work in the community; can you talk about a few of them? I support the Kid Foundation/SPD Foundation that works with Sensory Processing Disorder. They research and treat Sensory Processing Disorder here in Denver. I also love working with Kempe. They are a great organization that fills a need in the community. I also support Work Options for Women. Their work directly benefits women in the community.

Is there a social or charitable event you look forward to attending each year? I work the Denver Food and Wine Classic that benefits the Pro Start Program of the Colorado Restaurant Association. The director is Mary Mino, a dear friend of 20 years.

Is there something you would still like to learn how to do? (speak another language, skydive?) I would really like to learn how to ride a thoroughbred or quarter house out of a starting gate on a track. I want to experience that explosion of power.

What do you wish you knew back then that you know now? Sunblock!

What do you think is the secret to living a happy life? Acceptance

What are your responsibilities with the “Olive Us Group”? Anything that has to do with food and customer service.

What do you love most about Denver? The weather. I love sunshine!

How has Denver changed through the years? When I moved to Denver, I lived in Brooks Towers downtown then in Larimer Place. Downtown was a ghost town on the weekends.

What will we now find you doing on weekends? Laundry, riding my bike, paperwork...Did I mention laundry?

How do you feel Denver is ranking as a "top destination city" these days? I think we have gone way beyond the skiing. I think the high-end hotels coming in downtown have raised our profile. The mountains are doing a great job of selling their summers. You know what they say about Colorado. " Winter is why you visit here; Summer is why we live here!"

Would you ever want to live somewhere else other than Colorado? No. This is my home.

How do you decompress after a hectic day? Ride my bike to Red Rocks.

Where haven’t you been, but would still like to visit? Many places...smaller towns in France and Italy. I would like to live there for a month or so.

What's the high and low of working in the restaurant business? The "high" would be when a concept works. The "low" would be the amount of work it takes on a daily basis.

When you were a young girl, what did you say you wanted to be when you grew up? A singer. I thought it would be more Broadway than blues, but after several summers of dinner theater, I was SO bored singing the same thing every night!

What do you consider your proudest accomplishment so far? My family.

Do you have a favorite saying or quote you like? “Die Trying!”

Is there a magazine you just love to read and can't wait for the next issue to arrive? Bicycling; Women's Health; and Cooks Illustrated.

How about a favorite book you would recommend to others? A cookbook of course! I love the new edition of the “Joy of Cooking.” It has all the retro recipes plus updated versions. I also like cookbooks that have history and geology in them like Madeline Kamman's "When French Women Cook."

How do we get more of the younger generation interested in charitable giving and philanthropy - or to just giving back in any way to their community? I certainly see an awareness in my sons and their friends that I didn't have at their age. I am hoping that we can awaken their sense of responsibility. And, that it doesn't take a large amount of money or time to make a difference.

What should all of us be working on these days to make our country better for future generations? Community and compassion. It is sometimes easier to gift or donate. Sometimes the most valuable gift is a hug and a compassionate ear.

What do you consider a priceless gift? Compassion

You are such a high-energy person, where do you get all the "get up and go?" I find it harder and harder to harness energy. I ride my bike quite a bit and that helps. I like naps, too!

What's in the future for the talented Pam Savage-Sims? Lime at the Landmark, The Market at the Landmark and keeping my sons from playing video games all summer!

What do you hope you will be most remembered for? I want to have had a positive effect on the people that have been in my life and as well as those who have crossed my path.

(Come meet Pam at the Kempe Children’s Foundation “Salt on the Rim” Summer Party on Friday, June 13th. Go to Blacktie-Colorado.com "Calendar – June 13th" for more information.)