Have You Met?

No blond jokes here please.  Not that you’d be tempted.  But if you spend a little time with Paulina Sfranzki, you realize that  there are a lot of neurons being fired.

Paulina was born in Poland to parents that were married when they were young.  Her father is a film editor.  Paulina was born about the time of social unrest and upheaval was happening in Poland.  This time period  also coincided with the birth of the Solidarity movement.  Paulina’s parents wanted a more stable environment.  So after spending a little time in Vienna, they came to the United States and settled in Denver.

She has been working in hospitality almost from the beginning – starting as a hostess at Grisanti’s.  She attended CU majoring in art, but she also paid a lot of attention during business classes.  Her natural curiosity, coupled with a love of reading and her outgoing personality has given her the tools to be successful at whatever she does.  And what she does is pretty exciting.

Paulina is one of the few women serving in her position in the nightclub/hospitality industry and she relishes that. Whenever she attends industry meetings she enjoys being one of the few females in attendance that aren’t serving. She admires strong woman that have paved the way.  Women like Coco Chanel, but also her grandmother, who had a business in trying circumstances during the war.  One of her favorite activities is to help the younger girls that are just starting out in the industry and she really enjoys getting cards and updates from them years after they have moved somewhere else.

Francois Safieddine, owner of the Lotus Club concepts first met Paulina when she was working next door to the Purple Martini which he had just opened.  They struck up a conversation and the rest as they say, is “history.”  Paulina moved from hostess to intern, to producing events and now oversees the marketing efforts for Lotus Concepts.

The nightclub business is not for the faint of heart.  Concepts are expensive and club goers are often a fickle lot.  It’s not unusual to have a club concept last for 3 years or less. 

In the beginning she was out most every night as there weren’t a lot of employees.  Now with 120 employees, a night out is more of a luxury than a necessity.   Because of her fashion expertise she was recently asked to be on the Board of Directors of Fashion Group International.  Paulina enjoys working with nonprofit organizations. 

Among other events, Lotus has hosted:  Huntingtons Disease 2011, Starz Film Festival Opening Night party for two years, YPO After Party,  Mutts and Models, Kroenke Sports Mile High Dreams Gala YP party, and many more.

Who is your hero and why?  Coco Chanel – she was an independent, strong woman, wearing pants, starting and owning her own business

What was your first job?  I was a hostess at Grisanti’s restaurant. Then I worked at Tommy Tsunmais in Larimer Square. Francois would come in and get sushi and that's how we met and set me on the path I have travelled the last 13 years.

What one word describes you best?  Loyal

What trait do you most admire?  Honesty

What trait do you most deplore?  Greed. There’s enough to go around. 

What word or expression do you use too much?  That’s hot.

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? I am constantly trying to evolve.  I'd like to overcome procrastination in my personal life. 

Greatest indulgence?  Magazines,  Tattered Cover must love me.  I like to buy French or Italian magazines.  I don’t necessarily understand it all, but I find it fascinating.

Best gift you have ever been given?  When my dad took me back to Poland.

What is your favorite childhood memory?  We lived in Vienna Austria before we came here.  There was a big carousel that my family would take me to.  Sometimes that just pops in my mind and makes me smile.

What talent would you most like to have?  I’d like to have time to develop my painting.

What is your current state of mind?  Calm & grateful

Your greatest achievement?  Working with nightlife in Denver.  I haven’t met a lot of women in my profession/position.  I often visit Las Vegas or New York. I have always worked with men.  There are lots of female employees and young girls trying to figure it out.  I enjoy mentoring them and it's a real treat to hear from them years later. 

Most treasured possession?  Great grandmother’s engagement ring.  She was a really strong, independent woman who had a business.

Favorite writers?  Ayn Rand’s Fountainhead.  I try to reread this every year.  I like the strong woman aspect.

Best advice you ever received?  Never apologize for something that you’re proud of.

What is your motto?  The golden rule.