Have You Met?

They’re not Batman and Robin, but Ranger and Dot Miller are definitely a “dynamic duo.”

From 30 people to half a million dollars for Habitat for Humanity is quite an achievement.

Here’s how it started.

Ranger is and has been a pilot for United Airlines for nearly 30 years.  At the beginning of his career United had a day where their employees could spend a day volunteering for Habitat for Humanity.  Ranger found that day very fulfilling.  He had been a singer/musician in a college band called the Duke Steet Kings.  At that time, he was putting the band back together.  He came up with an idea to help Habitat for Humanity that would also help promote the band.  Clever.  Blues & BBQ for Better Housing was born. The first event, held in a local bar had about 30 attendees and raised about $300.

From there is just kept getting bigger and bigger and 25 years later the total raised for Habitat for Humanity Metro Denver and other affordable housing projects is over $500,000 dollars.

Ranger hit the jackpot both personally and for Blues & BBQ when he met Dot.  At the time, Dot was the president of the Arvada Chamber of Commerce.  Ranger was wanting to enlist the Chamber as a sponsor (which he did). For many years, the festival was held in Old Town Arvada.  But he was also captivated by Dot’s energy and marketing skills.

Dot’s skills from her business of being the CEO of the “The Solution” have proved a boost to Blues & BBQ.  The Solution is an association management company that helps membership organizations grow and thrive.  These same skills have been put to good use at Blues N BBQ.  The 25th installment of Blues & BBQ was held at Citizen’s Park in Edgewater on July 16th.  Sponsorships are still coming in and being tabulated, but over $30,000 will be presented to Habitat.

What does the future hold for this dynamic duo?  Well, they have moved to Guam for the time being as Ranger is now flying for United out of Guam to Pacific destinations.  But never fear Blues & BBQ fans.  Plans are already being made for next year’s concert.  And Dot is already organizing a lot of organizations in the Pacific.


What one word describes you best?
Dot: Indefatigable
Ranger: Stick-to-itiveness

Favorite vacation spots:
France, definitely.  We go every year.  We also like Croatia and are now discovering some great spots in the pacific.

What’s always in your fridge?
Dot: Diet Pepsi and peanut butter
Ranger: watermelon

In my free time, I like to:
Dot: listen to Ranger’s band, dance, go to the gym, hike and travel
Ranger: skateboard, ski, play music and travel

Who is your hero and why?
Dot: Ranger
Ranger: Bruce Springsteen, Keith Richards

What is a favorite childhood memory?
Dot: Climbing trees and playing softball. We were neighborhood kids growing up in Maine, playing sports, climbing trees and playing ice hockey on the pond after we shoveled it off in the winter.
Ranger: Traveling with my parents.

What is the best advice you have ever received?
Dot: Control what you can and let go what you can’t
Ranger: Dream big!

“Do what you can, when you can with what you can.”
We have been very fortunate in our lives and believe in giving back.