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Rick Janson is a man who knows his priorities, knows how to make things happen and knows how to enjoy life.

Janson earned his law degree from the University of Illinois and practiced corporate and transactional litigation here in Denver. Still licensed, he left the practice and began his own realty company, Denver Lifestyle Real Estate. But that was only the beginning of Rick Janson and his plans. 

Janson left the practice of law because “I love homes and helping people find a better lifestyle. Now I get to use my experience in business, contracts and love of homes.” He admits it was tough to make the change but that he weighed the choice of lifestyle and how he would spend his days and made the difficult decision. He appears to have made the right decision, and people of Denver are benefiting from it. What makes Janson the realtor of choice is what he does after the sale. “I try to make sure new homeowners are happy by putting them in a home and staying with them after the sale. I help them get involved in the community by letting them know about schools, non-profits and community events.” Janson’s company’s goal is that each neighborhood does something to make our community better.  
When asked (above) where he resides, Janson answered “Washington Park” rather than Denver. It is there that his heart lies. Janson started the organization I Love Wash Park ( that connects neighbors and neighborhoods. Through the site Washington Park residents stay in touch by knowing about community events, races, school happenings, street closures, and even parties. “It’s a way of building community.” The site also allows people to learn of local resources such as dogsitters, babysitters, and other neighborhood sites. 
One example of the spirit and energy Janson puts into his ideas is when he printed 2,000 flyers and delivered one to each home that faces Washington Park, as well as throughout the community, asking them to participate in placing luminaries in front of their home on the Sunday before Winter Solstice. Janson purchased 1500 candles. “About 75 % of the homes participated, and we figured about 25% were already away for the holidays.” He emphasized the enthusiasm of the Wash Park community, “That evening the luminaries made the park so beautiful, and then people started caroling, others were distributing hot chocolate, it took on a spirit of its own that made the evening great.”
The other matter that takes a bulk of Janson’s time is his involvement in Denver Active 20-30 Children’s Foundation, a group of male volunteers that work together to raise Funds to benefit local children’s charities. “There are more than 50 chapters nationally,” said Janson. “And now there are all female as well as co-ed chapters. The local chapter that Janson supports is well known through the Schomp BMW Denver Polo Classic. “Last year we received about 100 applications and we gave about 65 charities $700,000-800,000. We try to find those groups that go under the radar,” said Janson. But he emphasized that each group is checked so that Denver Active 20-30 is certain that applicants are stable organizations. Monies raised through Denver Active 20-30 Children’s Foundation are matched at 40% through the generosity of the McCormick Tribune Foundation.
Janson works hard to support the organization’s events, but that is just the beginning of his efforts. He has built a reputation for organizing and throwing the best of Denver’s parties. No socialites allowed; just fun, active people that make the most of every day, and care about community.
Janson was named by the Denver Business Journal as one of their 40 under 40. “My birthday is coming up, so I just made it,” he laughed.
Asked what he wants to be doing in five years, he said thoughtfully, “I’m debating about getting directly involved in politics.” Janson’s fun, after all, is not just for fun, but to build community, to build relationships, so that in the end, we all live in a better place.
He’s got my vote. 

What is your idea of perfect happiness?  Being at peace with my life, my decisions and where I am at any given moment. 

What is your greatest fear?   Losing someone I love. 
What is your proudest moment?  Being featured on Blacktie-Colorado :) 
What is your dream?   To be able to help people and have that assistance be well received. I strive to do this every day in my work and in my non-profit involvement. If I can help even one person in any given day, that day was worth while and well spent.
What do you admire in others?  Generosity of heart and spirit. 
Who is your hero?   My parents are my heroes for being such terrific role models and fantastic parents. 
What is your strongest trait?  Creativity, my sincere desire to help others and loyalty. 
What do you most admire in a person?  A positive outlook on life, self-discipline and follow-through. 
If you could meet anyone, alive or deceased, who would it be, and why?  Meeting Jesus would be right up there for many obvious reasons, but I do hope that will happen some day in the future.  Apart from that, meeting my grandma (who passed away before I was born) or my grandpa (who passed away when I was four) would be at the top of my list.  I would want to show them who I've become and know, first hand, how great they truly were and feel their love and affection. 
What is your most precious possession?  My health. 
What do you admire in your friends?  A positive outlook on life, friendship, the ability to have fun, loyalty and follow-through. 
What was the most fun thing you ever did?  I've done so many fun things, it'd be hard to narrow down.  I've been very blessed.
What is your motto?  I'll never invite you to a bad time.
What kind of books do you enjoy?   Spy-type novels... escapist fun! 
What do you do on your day off?   Ski, plan outings with friends, volleyball, hike, camp, run and other outdoor activities.