Have You Met?

Scottie Iverson, Denver’s own fashionista - with such impeccable style - joyfully says: “Fashion makes people happy!”  And we of the female gender agree, what’s not to love about something that can be so expressive?

 There’s much more to Scottie Iverson than just being connected to the fashion world.  The very beautiful and vivacious Scottie - with her polished glamour and stylish sophistication - is captivating in every way.  She’s an accomplished writer - brainy, worldly and has a genuine excitement for life; and she becomes inspired and moved by the many stories of human courage she comes in contact with.  The stunning Denver siren has even more charm when you spend one on one time with her.  When talking with Scottie you will cover a gamut of topics - because she’s just that diverse!    

Scottie was destined to be in the world of fashion from the time she was a young child when she didn’t need any encouragement to play dress up in her mother’s closet. An education major, with a minor in art in college, Scottie was able to hone her fashion sense and flex her fundraising and organizational skills muscle while belonging to the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority. 

Another one of Scottie’s passions is Fashion Group International of Denver (a global nonprofit organization of fashion industry professionals); and she was active as the chair of FGI Denver’s “Fashion by Design RISING STAR Runway Gala” that takes place every other year.  The signature event salutes emerging new designers in Colorado in a number of categories – as well as raises funds for fashion student scholarships throughout Colorado.

Scottie is no stranger to reinvention and admits that she often loves to reinvent herself - and what a way to do it when you are a known trendsetter!  A dear friend of Mrs. Iverson’s, Jan Top of Top & Cohen - Your Castle Realty, says: “Scottie is always perfectly attired and so beautifully appropriate.  She has her own style and flair and people look to see what Scottie Iverson is wearing.  She’s also been bound and determined to let people know we are now a fashion town – and no longer have that cow town image.”   

With a hands on approach to all of her projects, Scottie is a woman who knows what she wants and what works best for her.   The verdict is in - Scottie Iverson is undeniably dynamic and irresistible!  

What attracted you to the fashion industry?  Was it something you were drawn to early on?   -Fashion came naturally to me even as a young child. I knew instinctively what colors and designs looked best on me and created my own style. My mother had a beautiful collection at the time and I enjoyed playing dress up in her closet. Of course as a young adult, I was slender and fit - so the architecture definitely helped the overall picture.  I would have to say the "Jackie Kennedy Onassis look" has been my favorite and remains my choice today depending on my "architecture." My mother was also a talented seamstress and together we chose fabric and designed pieces that ranged from pencil skirts to ball gowns for which I received many compliments. I am probably best known in my earlier social circles as having a love for sports, art and clothing.

Even after I moved to Colorado, I could ship fabric and a pattern to my mother and she could return a finished garment that fit me perfectly. As a newly wed, I began sewing myself and took great pride in "giving birth" to a finished product.  Later in my career, business clothes were more important and I learned about building a wardrobe. I was an assistant buyer for two major department stores. Being required to look as though I stepped out of Vogue without the salary to match taught me to be very selective.  At one time, my business - which is marketing and public relations, morphed into personal styling and shopping for high profile clients, merchandising displays and eventually to event planning. It all ties together. It's all an art form and the common thread is good taste. Affirmations have come from winning local, regional and national awards for clients as well as my own company – including my logo – the significant swan! I have been blessed.

Can you tell us a little bit about Fashion Group International and your involvement?  Fashion Group International is a global nonprofit of approximately 5,000 professionals who move the fashion industries including apparel, accessories, beauty, publishing, retailing, interior design and the home. Its mission is to be the pre-eminent authority on the business of fashion and design and to help its members become more effective in their careers. FGI was founded in New York in 1930 by women with careers in fashion including the likes of Eleanor Roosevelt. Elizabeth Arden and Lilly Dache. FGI of Denver was founded in 1958. My membership dates back to the 80s so I've served under several Regional Directors and seen much change. It is my great honor to be Regional Director and lead such an outstanding group of men and women who are making their own indelible marks nationally and internationally. One of the greatest rewards of volunteerism was chairing (with over 20 talented committee members) and winning the coveted Special Event Award for RISING STAR Fashion By Design Runway Gala that was presented at the international conference this year. This catapulted us to other successes - record-setting membership numbers, exceptional programs, special events and other groups approaching us for partnership.

Denver is on the fashion map! Fashion is serious business! 

How would you describe your fashion or signature style?   I strive to make my style timeless.  Occasionally, I add trendy pieces, but never again will I let go of priceless, impeccably constructed jackets that in my opinion are absolutely the most important staple for the wardrobe. 

What is a fashion accessory must-have?  Boots. They are worn year round now even with fragile fabrics in all heights and silhouettes.    

What would you say is your favorite “guilty pleasure?”  Shoes! And boots! Imelda Marcos has nothing on me. Many times I build an outfit around an exquisite pair.

You can usually find the color in a garment to match (or dress up jeans) or of course, search for the fabric to have something made, but not easily have custom shoes made. Plus, the body circumference might fluctuate, but foot size not so drastically. It's a pampered moment when you sit to try on shoes. Trying on clothing in a dressing room is serious, exhausting work. My second guilty pleasure is handbags. My husband had a lighted display cabinet built for me to house some of the more precious ones.  

What is something you wish you could do more of?  Relax without feeling guilty. Decorate and add beauty to my world. Have more time to pursue my creativity and dreams, explore and do research and perhaps earn another degree or two...Be a better friend. 

Do you see some good fashion trends out there that show some staying power?  Dresses! Always dresses! The years when they are hardly available in stores, we whine. Dresses exude femininity and ease. Many, even sleeveless can be worn year-round with boots and fabulous scarves or chunky jewelry for tremendous versatility. 

What is something no one might know about you? In school, I loved art (won first prize in sixth grade for a project that was displayed in the Cincinnati Art Museum) and science. My high school golf coach/science instructor actually had me teach genetics to my class when he had to leave early for a golf tournaments.  

What is the best compliment you have ever received?  "I underestimated your abilities. You have substance, skills and are best-all-around."

Who is the most interesting person you have ever met - or interviewed? That's a tough one. Probably my list of want to meet would be much more revealing. I have met Elvis Presley in Colorado, President George W. Bush in Colorado, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Colorado. I'm not a celebrity seeker. Of course, through work, I have been privileged to meet famous authors and through FGI, I have met well-known fashion designers here and in New York and am in awe of their visions and accomplishments. Probably the most inspirational, fascinating and enjoyable interviews have been with those I call the "Geri-Actives" those senior citizens who are still going strong in their 80s and 90s. They are still working, producing, winning athletic contests, painting, writing, teaching, guiding, speaking professionally, heading companies and are sought after for their knowledge and pleasant company. I admire and toast their attitudes and the gifts they willingly share.  

We know you are a very talented lady; based on your different experiences in your life, which role have you enjoyed the most?  Thank you for the compliment. Actually, I've enjoyed all the roles and continue to enjoy reinventing myself.  Even as a young person, I was the leader, the captain, the president and much was expected of me. My career looks like a patchwork quilt, but all the varied experiences contributed to what I am able to do at this stage of my life.  I have been blessed to have had some kind, genius-caliber mentors and worked for some of the best companies that gave me respect and freedom to express myself. Teaching was rewarding, traveling Colorado for a nonprofit made creativity a necessity, being a marketing chief and public relations consultant has been and is- needless to say- challenging and writing for an affective,  respected, influential newspaper gives me pleasure because it helps others. I am lucky to have a supportive husband who is interesting and interested and raising a beautiful entrepreneurial daughter is certainly at the top of my best achievement list.

What have you learned about yourself through your many experiences? I am a resourceful survivor.  Relying on my instincts has always yielded the best outcome. The book Blink confirmed what I've always known.

What is at the core of your belief system?  Faith. Faith in God. Faith in oneself. Choose carefully. Life is about choices!

What do you do to stay healthy?  That's a timely question. My health has been sacrificed in recent years and intellectually, I know better. Taking time to listen to one's body is a must. I just took time to do that.  Hopefully, not too late.

Proper nutrition is key along with regular, fun exercise and alleviating stress. Having the right doctor to support your regimen and philosophy is paramount and I just found the one through, coincidentally, an educational panel for Fashion Group International of Denver. Carving out time for myself without feeling guilty is a major part of the solution.  Tennis is my outlet and I'm thinking of taking up golf again.  

What’s in the future for Scottie Iverson?  Does that mean on my Bucket List? Hopefully, the fulfillment of another dream - a teahouse, not a tea room, but a house, a civilized destination, a sanctuary for men as well as women. I had a charity event at my home several years ago to test my concept. It was a success, and I actually garnered a food feature for myself in the Rocky Mountain News.

How do you want to be remembered?  As a giver. A cheerleader for others and my causes.