Have You Met?

It’s not often you find a love story as beautiful as that of Steve and Laura Durie, the owners of Staura Wine Cellars, a boutique wine company.  When they were both out in the single world, Steve and Laura found that dating and finding the right person could be challenging; and they almost gave up on dating sites. Taking one more glance, Steve and Laura connected on Match.com in 2014 (they say now: “yes it can actually work!”).   Needless to mention, they both took their profiles down after their first date.

Having both been married before, The Durie’s have done a great job fusing their families together.  Laura has a son, Tommy with special needs, and a daughter Meagan, who has an infant son, Jahkaiah.  Steve has 2 boys, Garret who is a student at CSU and dreams of becoming a musical conductor, and McGregor who goes to Rock Canyon High School in Highlands Ranch.  They all love each other “to the moon and back!” 

The Durie’s met for the first time and fell in love getting to know each other at a 7 hour lunch starting at 11:11 a.m. on August 30, 2014 at Yia Yia’s restaurant (a couple of bottles of wine and two server changes later). They sat outside by the water totally mesmerized with each other, and they both said it was “an incredibly dreamy date!” They came away knowing where each other had been in life, what each other cherished and believed in…. and knew right then they would be forever life partners and inseparable soulmates.

They also live part-time in Florida and got engaged on a boat which was anchored there.  Exactly a year after their magical 7 hour lunch, they were married at the Wellshire Event Center in Denver to the beautiful song “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri…. signifying how long they will love one another.  The Durie’s had a beach-style wedding featuring sand boxes, palm trees leaves, beach balls & bubbles. There were even guests barefoot and in shorts to give it that complete beachy feel.     

Their winery, Staura Cellars Wine Boutique (Staura = Steve & Laura), came about because of their mutual love of wine.  Steve, now a level 2 Sommelier, had a dream of being a wine-maker even as far back as when he was a teenager, and it became a true reality once Laura came into his life.  It actually was a first anniversary gift to each other.

The Durie’s wines are sourced from the best grapes and vineyards in Californa, with good soil, and grown during good weather conditions in the finest and well-respected Napa Valley vineyards. Steve and Laura visit Napa at least 6 times a year.  They started small, and have grown considerably.  Staura is a direct to the consumer winery. Their highly-palatable wines are made in the French-style, and Staura Cellars cabernets are barreled for around 2 ½ years. The Durie’s, are very “picky” about the products that go out to their customers, and the wines they blend are differently delicious each year.      

 Steve and Laura Durie, this year’s “Valentine’s Day Couple” are a deeply spiritual couple who are in agreement with just about everything and cherish their magical connection.  They say they want to grow to be just like the older couples they see sitting next to each other on a park bench just looking out onto the horizon and holding hands.  They tell each other: “You are my forever park bench!”   (Park Bench is the name of their new release 2015 Cabernet Project. For more information on the Durie’s and Staura, go to www.stauracellars.com.)

What was the inspiration behind creating Staura Boutique Wines?  Our mutual love of wine, mutual love of one another:  Steve + Laura = Staura Cellars.  Starting Staura Cellars was a first anniversary gift to each other.

You are both very active with mental health organizations, and one of your sons, Tommy, has special needs.  What do you do to help the various nonprofits you are involved with?  We have always had a heart for helping those in need.  We dedicate a portion of our sales to help those with disabilities and mental illness.     

How was this year’s Tim Tebow Foundation “Night to Shine” Valentine’s Day event for special needs individuals – which happens to be one of your favorite charities?  Fabulous! The Foundation holds a Special Needs Prom “Night to Shine” around Valentines’ Day.  Special needs people, age 14 years and up, get to feel like royalty for a night.  The foundation donates more than $3 million to about 540 host locations in the country so they can do this memorable evening for these individuals.  All guests get crowned as if they are royalty, and it’s a perfect way to recognize and boost the self-esteem of those who have aged out of the financial support system.  
In addition to your lovely home here in Castle Pines, you also spend time elsewhere throughout the year?  Yes, we split our time between Colorado, a home in Florida, along with many trips back to the Napa Valley.   

I love that several of your wines are named after something really important and moving in your relationship.  What are they?  “7 Hour Lunch” a fragrant nose & bright flavored Chardonnay from the Santa Barbara AVA, “The Perfect Time” Rose’ crafted in a true Provance style with a Tempranillo base, “Infinity on Its Side” a luscious Napa Cabernet Sauvignon, and “To the Moon and Back” a Cabernet Franc with its deep color, smooth tannins & bold flavors intrinsic to the varietal, intertwined bright red fruit flavors. 

How can people taste your delicious wines – since you are not in stores?  People can contact us for a special “private winetasting and meet the winemakers” party.  stauracellars@gmail.com

What do you want to tell people about one another?  Steve: Laura is an angel who walks on this planet.  Most compassionate person I know.  She puts others before her.  Laura:  Steve is so kind, loving and respectful.  With his loving ways, he exudes so much heart – and walks his talk.

So…. You believe in love at first site?  Yes!  We believe there will be immediate chemistry, and you just seem to know right away there is no one better out there for you.  Your perspective from other relationships in life give you that feeling that this person might be the perfect soulmate.

You have made many good friends in the Napa Valley area?  Yes!  We have been drawn to and are blessed to know some amazing people who are in the wine industry or just love to drink wine!  Many are now some of our best friends.  There is a great brotherhood in the world of wine-making and tasting.  

What do both of you want to leave behind to future generations?   We would like to create a ranch called TAG Ranch (named after our special needs son Tommy) which would be a unique property and a specialized place and environment for those people who might be slightly more at risk because of their special needs. They need additional on-site services such as medical care, counseling, etc. This will encourage them to become more self-sufficient.