Have You Met?

Steve Krum is not what you'd call a clothes horse. But the popular president of Greenwood Athletic Club -- one of Denver's busiest with 11,000 users each year -- has a style all his own.

Philanthropic interests: Cindy has volunteered for four years with The Adoption Exchange

Favorite item in closet:  "My (Levis) Silver Tab frayed jeans! They're full of holes and are as comfortable as a pair of old s

Saturdays are likely to find him in:  "See above."

Favorite clothing stores:  "Victoria's Secret"

The suits in his closet:  "Have dust on them. I think whoever invented the tie ought to be hung -- by a tie!"

Business casual for Steve is:  "A sweatsuit."

What gives a man style?: "A genuine passion for what one does and living by the Golden Rule."

Interests:  "Fitness of any kind -- working out or coaching children and trying to help them reach their potential, while having a blast doing it."

Personal style:  "I believe in this statement by George Halas: 'Nothing is accomplished by a mediocre performance. If you are going to do something, GO FOR IT!' That's

Favorite look on a woman:  "Tight leather pants with a silver sequined halter top, or anything in the Victoria's Secret catalog, pages 1-5."

Your worst fashion disaster:  "I once rented a tux for a major black-tie event and I didn't try it on until that night, thinking the fit would be fine. But it turns out the pants were three inches too short. I got a lot of 'So where's the flood?' comments."

Favorite Denver restaurants:  Del Frisco's

Favorite Travel Destinations:  "The blue-green waters of the Caribbean."

Favorite book:  "Tuesdays with Morey."

Favorite childhood memory:  "Winning the Little League Superbowl with the Littleton Panthers when I was 12."

Pets:  "A lizard named Sexy; dogs Spot, Kooper and Maddie, and a bunch of fish."

Volunteer affiliations:  "Greenwood Athletic Club is all about community service. Last year, for example, we netted over $60,000 for Champ Camp, the American Lung Association's summer camp for asthmatic children. We do a silent auction and a fund-raiser we call Octoberthon each year. This year, our focus is brain injuries."


Favorite Restaurant? Del Frisco's

What gives a woman/man style? "A genuine passion for what one does and living by the Golden Rule."