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It was back in the 80’s when I first heard the name Tangy Buchanan.  It was among the circle of women fundraisers in Denver; and there wasn’t much that the "IT Girl" of that time didn’t have her hand in.  She was a key player for just about every non-profit event in town; and her non-profit volunteerism spans for over 4 decades.  Tangy says:  "My husband, Brad, would wear a tux about 7 times a month because of all the charitable events we attended."

Tangy and her husband, Brad, were high school sweethearts in Enid, Oklahoma and have been married for almost 45 years.  They moved to Colorado, and Tangy and her brother, Stuart Hough, opened Stuart-Buchanan Antiques in lower historic downtown Denver in 1978 (specializing in French, English, German and Scandinavian provincial furnishings),  and the store officially closed in 1995.

Tangy has impeccable taste and is now a consultant for Carlisle, a marketer for high-end women's clothing, with seasonal trunk shows shown in showrooms by appointment.

By being a good listener, Tangy knows about the human experience; and she and a childhood friend, Dana Pershing, co-wrote a book together titled: "Making Lemonade" - a fictional account of a woman starting over and learning how to cultivate meaningful relationships.  They used the pen name of Phoebe Banks which is a combination of two family names.  The book is sold through Amazon and has received great reviews.  

 Tangy, like many community leaders, credits the Junior League of Denver for teaching her how to lead through volunteerism, effective action and charity. 

Tangy believes strongly that based on the needs of each city and state: "Charity should be handled locally."  She's back in the fold with several of her favorite charities, and it was time to  recognize her for all she has done – and is still doing.  She is slated to be the next President of the "Guild of the Children's Diabetes Foundation" working on behalf of the Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes which creates awareness of the disease, sponsors activities and assistance to diabetic children and their families, and funds research programs to find a cure.  

In talking with dynamic Tangy, she really hasn’t slowed down a bit, just likes to keep her good deeds low-key.  You are drawn to her comforting, easy going qualities, and at the same time, she is very open and honest and not afraid to share her observations and perspectives on life.  Mrs. Buchanan is a "Big Picture Woman" and has a good vision of what works best.  We're counting on her to continue making magic happen with that "Tangy Buchanan touch!"    

Tangy, can you name some of the charitable events you have chaired through the years?
The most memorable would be "Fantasy Ball" for the Adoption Exchange. In the late 80’s for two years in a row, I was able to provide-for-free"The Beach Boys" as the entertainment.  I was friends with Carl Wilson and his wife, Gina, and Carl made it happen.  I also loved chairing the "Brass Ring" luncheon for The Children’s Diabetes Foundation. What isa better day than lunch, fashions, and the best affordable auction items of any non-profit!  

After being involved with and chairing so many non-profit events, you cut back for a while, but did remain active with the Adoption Exchange & the Children's Diabetes Foundation. Why these two organizations? Anything that involves children touches my heart. The Adoption Exchange helps children find loving families, and I am convinced that the doctors at the Barbara Davis Center will find a cure for diabetes. The people at both organizations work tirelessly for these things, and I help by doing what I can.

What do you miss most about the years you owned Stuart-Buchanan?
It was hard work, but going to Europe on buying trips and finding treasures and then creating displays with all of our eclectic inventory. The best time was in 1988 when we had the "Junior League Holiday Mart" in our restored buildings in LODO.

How did you become involved with Carlisle Clothing?
My friend, Pam Heckenkamp, asked me to partner with her, and that was 24 years ago.  Pam moved to California years ago, and I still have a blast doing it.  Now I have so many clients that are dear friends.

What has become your favorite go-to vacation place?
Brad and I love to golf, so all of our vacations of late have a fabulous golf course - or two or three.

Your favorite restaurant(s) in Denver?
Cherry Creek Grill - the artichokes!  Zenga - fun menu! Shanahan’s and Del Friscos - I’m from Oklahoma and love steak.
What (aside from your family) do you consider your most treasured possession?
My friendships and my great grandmother’s pearl necklace.

What qualities do you look for in a friend?
Sense of humor and a sense of adventure.

You and Brad have been married for almost 45 years, and I ask all married people this:  What is the secret to "wedded bliss"?
Marry your best friend.

What changes have you seen in Denver through the years – the good and the bad?
More people, more traffic. The political landscape is moving too far to the left. I still think that Denver has the most generous population to support non-profits. We have everything here now -all major sports teams, Broadway, great theater, the four seasons, and spectacular scenery - why would you live anywhere else?

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment (aside from your children)?
My grandchildren. I have two boys and two girls.  Of course they are the most beautiful, intelligent children anywhere (all grandparents agree on this). My best friend and I wrote and published a book-we talked about doing for years and finally did. It is "chick-lit," but everyone so far has asked for us to write another one. It may happen.

How do you always keep it so real?
That’s a good question. I never take myself too seriously and have been known to be wrong at least once - ha, ha!

Give me one word that would describe you?

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
Playing a great golf course, having a Gin and Tonic, a medium rare steak with Brad and dear friends.

How do you want to be remembered?
That I loved God, family, country and the joy of life.